tPF girls and guys on Playstation 3 - Who are you?

  1. Sorry if there's already a thread like this. I went back 12 pages but didn't find a PS3 one :shame:

    SO and I just got us a brand spanking new PS3 for our 6 year anniversary (yup, we're hopeless romantics, I know :lol:) :yahoo:

    So far we got Singstar, Motostorm, Resistance:Fall of Men, Call of Duty 4 and The Darkness. I'm usually not much of a Shooter person when playing PC games but right now I'm really starting to get into it :lol:

    I really want to get Rockband but that's not available here in Germany yet :crybaby:SO is super excited for Gran Turismo 5.

    My PS3 name is MissMuggles, btw. Add me if you want a match :roflmfao:
  2. Congrats on getting a new gaming system! May I ask what prompted you to go for the PS3 instead of any other system? Do you have any others? Did you not want a Wii or already have one?
  3. Ohhh kittie....I'll have to ask DH what his PS3 name is....we're planning on buying Call of Duty 4 for it (we play that on XBOX360 right now and I kind of suck at it LOL)!
  4. lol, I'm a total consoles addict: we also have the Wii, a PS2 and a Sega Megadrive :graucho: ... We were kinda thinking between PS3 and X360, but then went for the PS since that's a BluRay player and we just love movies

    How fun is that?! So far I really suck as well, but practice makes perfect right? Btw, it's super easy to make your own profile so it saves your own games
  5. Oh that is cool :smile: We are console junkies but we stopped collecting PS at the PS2 level. We're Nintendo loyalists and we only got the Xboxes because of HALO! :smile: DH and I have a huge entertainment center that currently has: NES, SNES, N64, Game Cube, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii, two nintendo DS Lites...and all the games, hehe.
  6. i don't play with the ps3 online but congrats on your new ps3!!!! how do you like motorstorm?

    i have GH3, rock band, resistance, folklore, and ratchet and clank. my dad and i share heavenly sword, ninja gaiden, and dirt.

    i cannot wait til MGS4, little big planet, and FFXIII and versus. i'm such a gaming nerd.
  7. ^Motostorm is quite fun, though I have to say I enjoy those city typed racing games (NFS, Juiced, etc) more ... I always love the tuning and free-riding part

    How's Folklore? I just downloaded a Demo for it but didn't get to play yet.

    oh, can I come over and live at your house?!?! :nuts::graucho: ... yeah, I'm still a bit sad about not having Halo :yucky:

    I tried Uncharted last night at a friend's but wasn't too impressed TBH :shrugs:
  8. heehee, come over and play anytime!!!

    If you want a really disorienting game, play Mario Galaxy on the is weird! Really fun though ;)
  9. Kittie: i haven't played folklore that much but it seems kind of slow. very much story driven, so there's a lot of scenes inbetween that feels like you're reading a comic book. but i'm going to try and play some more this weekend, so i'll let you know :smile: the animation though is amazing!
  10. I so want this for Christmas lol. But I can't seem to justify buying it myself. :s It's just not bags or shoes.
  11. lol, just gimme a minute to book a flight :lol: .... Quite a long way from Germany to you :sweatdrop: I used to be a whole lot closer though: I spent my Junior year in Kelso, WA

    Haven't played Mario Galaxy yet, but I heard it's fun :yes:

    SO got Metroid Prime a couple of days ago. I haven't tried it yet, but he says it's pretty much the perfect game for Wii. The controls must be amazing.

    I can't wait for the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed! Not sure whether to get it for PS3 or Wii though. Having a lightsaber game with the Wii controlls sounds divine :love: (haha, yup I'm a total SW nerd)

    Kinda sounds like my type of game. I'm a huge fan of story-driven roleplay adventures like Star Wars:Knights Of The Old Republic or Jade Empire
  12. I love my PS3. I just got Guitar Hero 3 and it's AWESOME. I also use it to watch Blu-ray movies which look amazing. I watched Lost Season 3 on Blu-ray in 3 days! eek.
  13. You must buy Assasin's Creed. Awesome game.
  14. i got my bf assain's creed, he beet it in one week. he was hooked lol.

    now i just got him time crisis 4, hopefully it will last him for awhile. i started it so i have no one to blame for his addiction, it was a ps3 for xmas for him lol
  15. I love Germany, DH was stationed near Nurnburg, and we will be going back for a visit in about a year and a half...