tPF friends... help me make a decision!

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  1. So let me just start off by saying I am banned. I am not un-banned yet lol.

    But, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she was asking me what I was going to buy with my Christmas money when my fam comes down here to visit us in December. I'm going to have a good chunk of change to play with this Christmas.

    I want some SLG's to go inside my Tivoli GM. Right now I have a hot mess of pouches (Coach, Dooney & Bourke, random cosmetic cases from Walmart/Target, etc.) I'd really like something besides mono since my whole collection is mono. I'd love Pomme or MC, but they are definitely more $$$. So I'm open to all prints. But some combination of a pochette/cosmetic pouch/toiletry pouch/cles ... OR should I wait until Mother's Day/My Bday in May and get a tote? I've been eyeballing the Totally MM or GM in mono. Again, I wanted to steer away from mono print, but I don't really know about getting a tote in Azur since totes tend to get used a lot and beat up. And I definitely do not want the NF, so no Ebene for me. We do a lot of travelling, so I know I could get use out of a tote bag.

    I appreciate all your opinions! I am super extra banned. So if my husband knew I was plotting and scheming he'd probably be mad :nono: But in all fairness, my dear Mom fueled this fire and made me want to start thinking. Christmas is coming up on us quickly!
  2. Gotta tell you.... Mothers day is a very long wait. Lol.

    Since you have a lot of mono, a beautiful pomme or MC (love the black) would be stunning in your bags. Especially for Xmas!!!

    Also, do you think you can sell some of your "hot mess"? Maybe this would help add to your purse fund for Mothers day.
  3. Pomme Zippy and cosmetic pouch...

    And if you have enough $$ left, a pochette accessories would also be a handy item.
  4. Pomme zippy or multicolor.
  5. +1 :smile:
  6. Cosmetic pouch in Pomme to use inside your tivoli PLUS as a small clutch when needed

    + ZCP in pomme to use instead of your sarah when you are using your favorite.
  7. hmm I prob wont be a help in saying you should get the tote hah. Im one of those girls who like a lot of bags before slgs.
  8. Lol you are too cute! You are on a ban but still searching. Hey- what else can you do on a ban, right?
    What kind of tote are you looking for? I see you already have the Tivoli, Sarah wallet and Favorite MM. Although I think if you got a really good SLG it would de-clutter that hot mess and make you feel more organized.
  9. Ugh! That's how you know you're obsessed... you're looking when you're not supposed to be hahaha!

    I just want a comfortable tote. We travel a lot. And I'm currently using a Breast Cancer Awareness tote to throw odds and ends that you bring when you travel (phone chargers/camera charger/tablet chargers, extra sippy cups, toys, sweaters, etc.) I do not like the NF tote. So I definitely know I do not want a NF. And I love the Evora, but it is a little on the $$$ side. That's why I was leaning towards the Totally.
  10. Oh oh me, too! I think I want the Mono MM in that.
    Idk, if you can't get both, I'd wait for the tote as that would get more use since you already have a main wallet.
  11. I recommend getting a pochette - it is small enough to be used as 'extended wallet' (money, phone, cards)!or cosmetic pouch inside a bigger bag (mine is speedy), also can be used as small bags when you go for a date, quick shopping, or quick errands without kids...

    Exactly like you, I was contemplating getting a totally (later) or an SLG now, then I go for pochette, and very happy with it!
  12. I'm pretty much banned too, but I have also been looking at totes. I think you should get a pochette accessoires to organize your things inside your Tivoli, and if you can sell your Coach or other things to put aside for your tote then maybe you could get one before Mother's Day? It's SO hard to be patient! I am eying the Totally MM myself, so that gets my vote! Let us know what you decide!
  13. I'd get the Totally. It sounds like you need a tote so it is perhaps worth waiting a bit longer and saving up.
  14. I've been thinking about this since yesterday and I keep going back and forth on your two choices. :thinking:

    On one hand it seems like you would use the Totally a lot, traveling and around town with your baby's stuff. I don't think mother's day is too far away, and getting a functional and great looking tote is worth the wait.

    OTOH, getting a couple of SLG's has brought me a lot of joy that I enjoy every time I open my bag, I love my pochette and cles :love: and I use them every day inside a bag or by themselves.

    To give monogram a little variation you could get a pochette or mini pochette in ebene. I have cles in pomme and monogram, the pomme is very cute but I like the size and shape of the canvas better and those aren't too expensive.
    I would like to get an slg in azur but I'm afraid of color transfer, yet every time I see them on others I drool. There's also some cute card holders in vernis and MC, so many cute choices I wish I could have them all :biggrin:

    So what is my final answer? I would say wait for the Totally, but if a little SLG would make you happy I say why not? You work hard at keeping your baby and hubby comfortable and happy, you deserve a little extra LV to make you smile, go for it and show us what you get :cool:
  15. I appreciate everyones help! I'm hoping I can get a little something to hold me over until Mother's day/my bday. When I told my hubby how much the Pomme cosmetic pouch was, his vote was to get the tote lol. But seeing your beautiful SLG's inside your bag... hmm. We'll see :smile: