TPF friend question...

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  1. Have any of you developed a friendship with other pfer's and actually talk to them on a normal basis??? (okay...besides I have a few ladies I pm with) but only one that I talk to on the phone on a semi regular basis. with all the what about you?
  2. No - I'm shy. It took me 3 months to work up the courage to make my first post!
  3. yes, about 3 or 4 ladies, some local and some very far away! We talk about almost anything!
  4. i IM with intlset regularly, but we've been missing each other lately!
  5. i haven't developed that friendship yet but am willing to. Especially if your in my area! we can go shopping together!! hahaha. :graucho:
  6. I got really tight with a Pfer since this summer and we PM, IM, and email each other on a daily basis. :nuts: We talk about bags bags bags and about our life in general. She's like my secret lesbian lover! :graucho:
  7. Hi.
    I'm a pretty reserved person, so I haven't developed that kind of friendship with anyone yet...
    Though I don't mind meeting new friends at all! ;)
  8. i have... well ive met a few pfers.. im super close to one of them..

    and a couple of others we PM all the time and keep eachother up to date.. its great
  9. Yes, several.
  10. Yup..There are a few that I enjoy chatting with...THere are also many pf'rs that I feel like I have come to know..but never pm'd...Just b/c they post a lot and I respond to them etc....Also many here that when I see that they have posted..I look forward to reading them b/c I like their "style"..or I know they are funny..etc....I just love it here!!! :heart: Emmy
  11. Yes, there are 2 PF'ers that I PM with on a regular basis just to shoot the breeze. If one of them wasn't computer challenged so badly, I would IM with her on Yahoo messenger or something the way I do with the other one, but, alas, she is still in the dark ages about these things. LOL
  12. I went to the NYC get-together with Megs and Vlad and met some wonderful tPF members there. I've also bumped into a few tPF members in the Hermes store in NYC a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't really PMed anyone on a regular basis or had telephone conversations.
  13. Nope = no one i PM regularly .. but hey if you wanna be my TPF buddie - pm me LOL
  14. There are a few people I PM with on a regular basis. I IM people on occasion, but no phone calls. One day I'm sure we'll meet, but we all live so far away from each other so it will require planning if that happens.
  15. :biggrin: I have!! I msn with her all the time!!