tPF Florida meeting

  1. eeeekkkk! I don't wanna know...
  2. :sick::sick::sick: I definitely wouldn't want my bag being made out of that!
  3. By the way, I got all excited when I read the title of the thread, because I thought "Wht a great idea! When?" :rolleyes::yes:
  4. OMG.......

    I got all excited too! I love python bags and I'm dying for a croc bag, but this is not exactly what I had in mind ; )
    Man, I miss my smileys : (
  5. Hi Robynbenz! Oh, no stuck on a plane? We missed you!!!!:smooch:
  6. Thanks JM, I miss you all too. I am going on 2 hours, sitting inside this damn plane! I was suppose to have landed 10 minutes ago and we haven't even taken off yet!

    I just hope there aren't Snakes on the Plane (besides my python bag sitting beside me)

  7. ^^And THAT is why I don't fly! I can NOT imagine that! Did they at least give you an extra bag of peanuts?? ;)
  8. Nope:cursing: I would have been happy with 1 little bag of peanuts or pretzels, but no food and a few lucky ones did get some water. I just kept hoping things would hurry up and get finished being fixed.

    And the little frozen valve that opens up the engine would be safe after the Captain said "The maintenance guys would come and bang on the valve with a wrench until it wasn't stuck anymore":wtf::wtf::wtf:
  9. ^Uh, what airline was this exactly that you were flying?? Did you happen to notice a graphic of The 3 Stooges on the tail? ;)

    The maintenance guy banged on the valve??? You can NOT tell me that the flight crew of airplanes do not wear parachutes underneath their uniforms these days! :p
  10. That is just sooo... :sick: So glad never got to witness anything like that when I lived in FL. When I first saw I can't figure it out - what the heck? Which is which? Python explosion? But if you think about it - say if a bag was made from this Croc or Python - I bet that would be a special edition!!! lol!! How many times do croc and pythons call it a draw right?? lol!:amuse:
  11. ICK - I couldn't tell which end was which from the picture! An explosion of burmese python in FL...literally. Bonniec and Stinker it sounds like you two need to refocus your hunting efforts from OH to FL. They obviously need your help!
  12. ^No thank you! I'm sticking to the lovely little watersnakes in the bogs of Ohio! :p

    And this is the LAST time I'm opening this thread....blech.... :sick:
  13. Two for the price of one, what a steal! :wtf: