tPF FAQs & How-Tos


    In case you haven't seen it, I have added a new section with commonly asked questions about how to use this board. I will add more how-tos as times goes by, later tonight I will compile a write-up on how to resize/watermark pictures.

  2. Thanks Vlad!!!!!
  3. Thanks Vlad! Quick question: Do you mean resizing them before you post/attach them or resizing using tags(?) (ex. height=# width=#)? I dont even know if the latter is possible. .is it?
  4. Sir PurseBlog!
  5. I meant resizing before posting/attaching. I don't think there is an option to use meta info to shrink them.

    Let me get right on it!
  6. ^ Okay thank you!
  7. Very nifty, Vlad! I noticed it taking curious when it suddenly appeared and had "never" under posts :sneaky: So many fantastic improvements've been mighty busy there...
  8. What can I say, I've been mighty busy lately. :jammin:
  9. Vlad, is your sig the lyrics from the song, "We Are the World, We Are the Children"? Just curious.
  10. ^^Think it's from "Land of Confusion" by Genesis?...the video had rubbery puppets of the band and the Gipper in bed with Nancy :lol: .
  11. That is correct!

    :rochard: :jammin:
  12. Oh, that's right, of course...I remember now. Great song!:jammin: Love when Gabriel was with Genesis; I know I'm dating myself. ;)
  13. Thanks Sick4Marc. One of my favorite CDs is, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway from Genesis...from a long time ago. ;)