tPF Expectant Parent's Due Dates

  1. WOOO Im not pregnant, but im sooo excited and happy to see so many future tPFers on the way... keep adding to the list, ladies!!
  2. Went to the doctors today for a routine appointment...due date got pushed up to 11 March 2009
  3. Hi Ladies, I must say I am a bit shocked to be posting here as I just found out today I'M PREGANANT:faint:!
    My due date is March 20. This will be baby #3.
  4. Congratulations :hugs: :nuts:
  5. My grandbaby is due 6/10/09, smae day as my mom and dad's anniversry and my aunt's birthday. It's a good day!
  6. Thanks:heart:!


  7. ooo congrats!!!
  8. I just found out im pregnant. My due date is June 11
  9. Mine is Oct 20th, 08.
  10. Hi there! We#re expecting our first on February 14th, 2009. Yup, a nice Valentine's Day prezzie :heart:
  11. I'm due May 1st! I'm finally out of my first trimester, so I'm starting to get really excited.
  12. I am due on 4/1/2009, Yes, April Fools Day!
  13. November 29th 2008! Just a couple weeks to go!
  14. My first baby is due May 24, 2009.
  15. Congrats everyone :smile: