tPF Expectant Parent's Due Dates

  1. March 4, 2009 :love:
  2. I am due April 16, 2009
  3. April 2nd 2009 (at the latest, it could be earlier once we have a sono). I really don't want an April Fool's baby. Ugh.
  4. Hi all I'm due November 3,2008
  5. April 11th :love:
  6. Oh man, I am due like in two seconds. October 4th 2008. Congratulations to other pregnant ladies, it goes by fast.
  7. 11-8-08 :smile:
  8. Hello everybody. My name is Ele and I am new to this forum. My due date is 9/27/08:hysteric:and YES.. I am so ready to have him. One more week:yahoo:
    Anthony Jude Bobadilla (aka A.J.)
  9. February 25 2009
  10. WOW! What a list! I'm due March 13th, 2009! First pregnancy, so I'm VERY nervous and scared, but I'm also very excited!
  11. tentative - may 28, 2009
    im thinking pink....
    think pink with me :]]
  12. ^^Me too!!!! Yay! A due date buddy!

    My EDD is 5-28-09 and I have a hunch we'll have a girl :love:
  13. Hi all! EDD is 4/7/08, but all my babies are late, so I'm kinda thinking s/he'll roll around sometime at Easter. :yes:
  14. Oh sweetie - don't be scared! This is the greatest ride of your life! You will not believe the sheer capacity for love you have for your baby when it's born! It's amazing! I no longer even thing about the labor (this is #3) - all I can think about is that first moment we get to meet!
  15. Mine is January 20th 2009!!