tPF dinosaur asks ... what is your favorite Limited Edition LV??

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  1. Really love this topic :heart:
    My favorite two LE are the beautiful watercolor and the smiling cherry blossom one. Actually, I have been thinking about hunting for a smiling cherry blossom Pochette for quiet some time now. What would you say? Is it a dated item or could I still pull it off? (I’m 26, turning 27 this year, and thought it would be the cutest bag for short errands or meeting friends in the park with my doggy) :biggrin: Edit: Would it fit a bigger smartphone?
  2. totally not dated (well not in a bad way anymore) and OF COURSE you can pull it off!!!
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  3. I have the Speedy B 30 in the Giant Monogram with the matching large zippy wallet and coin purse. A beautiful set .I love them. :flowers::heart:
  4. Thank you for your reassuring words! So kind of you :heart:
  5. 03D1E2F2-7F36-402A-8F93-826166B02E93.jpeg Roses
  6. I love the Stephen Sprouse Roses - this is a beauty!
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  7. I have yet to carry my Speedy 30 Ramage Grenade. Not much chance at the moment!

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  8. IMG_2616.JPG mine is my eclipse sequin speedy from 2009. I absolutely adore this speedy
  9. 40FB9826-168A-458D-A164-CAA37DAF3276.jpeg the beautiful Noe vivienne
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  10. Any chance of a close-up? She looks gorgeous!
  11. This is as far as she’s been so far - a quick photo-call on the field gate and back into her dust bag !
  12. For men? The Monogram Bequia line and the oversized Nomade Damier Oversize line.


  13. Ahh yes the Cérises speedy is still one of my faves :love:
  14. Roses
  15. For me it will always be the Murakami, My taste in bags have changed and I would not use them now but I will always love that line. It was just such a fun line and looking at always put a smile on my face.