tPF dinosaur asks ... what is your favorite Limited Edition LV??

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  1. These are my 2 all time favorite bags IMG_1578.JPG
  2. That's my all time favorite LE piece.
  3. [​IMG]
    My Watercolor Speedy 30 is still beautiful and one of my favorites-THE favorite to look at. I‘m just not a Speedy 30 Girl .
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  5. Oh I'm in love! :biggrin:
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  6. Thank you Dream! I have seen them preloved on Fashionphile and Yoogi’s.
  7. This is beyond gorgeous! I wish I could get my hands on one, especially in 30! Lucky girl!
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  8. These are my favorites!

    I got a big thrill by being able to carry my Murakami cerises to the Murakami exhibit at the MCA Chicago last year, and carrying the Kusama to the Kusama infinity room just 2 months ago.

    With the release of Catogram, that has become my favorite now.

  9. I sold my speedy, but I think the Roses collection is so beautiful. I did keep the pochette!
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  10. Wonderful collection!! Just WOW! I especially love your Neverfulls.
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  11. Thanks I’m a total sucker for mono with *stuff* on it
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  12. 1547073633266.jpg

    The Dentelle is one of my favorite bags, period.

    Of items I wish I had, I love the Stephen Sprouse roses and the Kusama pieces.
  13. An old thread, but I have the Speedy 30
    I absolutely adore that Richard Prince water colour Speedy ...
  14. Great old thread. I have sprouse rose speedy, highlight of my life was seeing it in the costume museum beside the Louvre where they had a Marc Jacobs history at LV exhibit. Also have cherries wallet. I treasure the special editions so much. Such a sucker for a classic with a twist. :smile:
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  15. The Murakami laughing cherries were before my LV time but I drool over these bags and toy with trying to find a good condition Speedy one day. I don't have a Speedy and want to add one to my collection - so maybe I'll take this social/economic down time to save a few pennies and find just the right bag. I usually don't feel the "makes my heart sing" thing - but this bag REALLY makes me happy every time I see it.
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