tPF dinosaur asks ... what is your favorite Limited Edition LV??

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  1. The cherry speedy!
    file jul 09, 1 46 54 pm.jpg
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  2. I can relate to every post in this thread and your bags are all devine. I have a question for you ladies: Which designer or artist is responsible for the sequined Speedy DE as pictured here? I loved this bag so much and couldn't get my hands on one at the time, but I was unaware it was a particular designer's work product! Thanks so much.

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  3. I could be wrong but I think it was just a seasonal collection rather than a collaboration with another designer. I have the mini pochette from this collection and love it.
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  4. Yes, it was a seasonal LE. I got mine on ebay at a decent price about a year after they came out. I would check ebay and Fashionphile regularly if you still want one. It was called "Paillettes"
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  5. It was probably designed in-house with varying degrees of involvement from either MC or corporate. :P I don't know many of the in-house designers at LV sadly, but you can find some of them on instagram.
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  6. It’s kind of sad that I remember seeing it in the store and thinking it was too much (probably Bc they had too many clustered together on display) but since then, whenever I see one I want one. :sad:
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  7. For me my favourite LE piece will forever be the Richard Prince water colour speedy, closely followed by Stephen Sprouse Rose's and then Ikat.:smile:
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  9. My favorite is the Kabuki Collection designed by Kansai Yamamoto. One of the best times of my life was when I lived in Japan for two years. It is a very special place to me, so of course I bought a Kabuki piece when the collection came out. I got it in London as my souvenir of my trip there. I know, I know...makes more sense to have gotten a bag from a British brand. But, by happenstance, I was there during the release and that’s my story.

    It just so happens that I’m wearing my Kabuki WOC today. :love:

  10. My favorites all happen to be by Japanese designers- Kusama, Murakami, and Yamamoto. I really like looking at everyone's collections! Keep the pictures coming!

    FullSizeRender 3.jpg FullSizeRender 4.jpg FullSizeRender 2.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg

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  11. The sprout rose collection is my absolute fav. Too bad I was too young at the time and had to buy very expensive prelove to just get one piece in the collection.
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  13. I also adore this collection. There were some melting issues I know but my friend has the neverfull and this far no issues. I live the speedys. Cane in 2 different color combos I believe.
  14. My Roses Vernis Alma GM

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  15. Thanks for that info!
    Nice! I would love to have a Speedy or NF in pink handles
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