tPF dinosaur asks ... what is your favorite Limited Edition LV??

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  1. Fell down a rabbit hole tonight and ended up taking a stroll here and wondered ... is anyone still interested in the artist collabs of the Marc Jacobs days?
    I lived for those bags: Sprouse, Richard Prince, Yayoi Kusama and my all time favorite, the Murakami laughing cherries.
    So ... am I really a dinosaur? Or are there any likewise afflicted collectors out there?
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  2. I am a sucker for those pieces. I love all the Murakami pieces!

    Those were the pieces which brought me to LV (and the Deauville). I love how they are a bit crazy. But I also was a great fan of Marc Jacobs, especially is Main separate line, however not fond of all his newer stuff... [emoji58]
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  3. SS Graffiti line. My all time favorite.
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  4. The Cherry blossoms from Murakami and Kusama for me!
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  5. Speedy - Water Color and Mirage !
    never had either of them but still think about them, maybe I am a tPF dinosaur too!
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  6. I love the Kusama collection.
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  7. Mine was the Robert Wilson collaboration. It's what brought me to LV.
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  8. My favourite is still the Aquarelle Watercolor line... had my hands on the white Speedy 30 for a bit but then sold it because I thought it was too big for me. It was gorgeous though and wish they made SLGs in that line...
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    Yes, the Aquarelle Watercolor! Gorgeous :love: I'd prefer smaller than 35 though

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    I forgot to mention, the rose ikat collection is what got me started with LV. I am still not that into their regular stuff and mostly buy LEs.
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  11. The Stephen Sprouse roses collection is still my all time favorite. I am still holding on to my duffel bag and my wallet.
  12. I love this line and would make any size work :P
  13. I’m a sucker for the artist collaborations and LE bags during Marc Jacobs’ tenure. I like when there’s a twist on the traditional or a splash of color. Generally I’m not a fan of plain monogram or DE and I’m not feeling any of the current styles. This thread needs pictures so here’s my MJ LEs. :smile:

    A651F451-C923-480A-8379-DA7A3674A6BD.jpeg 90B8A68A-2A6A-43D0-9593-B30CD37830D7.jpeg AAA0364A-0A86-4DB4-B867-9A21BFE1C15B.jpeg 85B4413A-30E0-40EE-B011-2806BDCD7B62.jpeg D1D9320C-28FD-4DF1-B556-ECF6BC6A2E98.jpeg
  14. IMG_8411.jpg my fav !
  15. I missed them but love the Aquarelle Speedy and the white/black striped mono NF.
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