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Which bag is your favorite?

  1. Coach Gathered Sophia

  2. Coach Jeweled Sophia

  3. Coach Madison Embossed Python Shoulder Bag

  4. Coach Madison Patent Large Sophia

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    Coach has asked PurseBlog's Megs to be a guest blogger on for the month of October. We want to include our forum members and readers in guest blogging for Coach by having you help tell us your favorite bag from the upcoming Madison collection.

    PurseBlog will be covering the new Madison collection, set to launch September 29th, and we will feature whatever bag our PurseBlog readers and TPF members choose - along with a matching giveaway (which will coincide with the guest blog on!

    Please let us know your favorite from the collection by voting in this poll. Thank you!

    Coach Gathered Sophia

    Coach Jeweled Sophia

    Coach Madison Embossed Python Shoulder Bag

    Coach Madison Patent Large Sophia in crimson
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    Yay!! We get to voice our opinions :woohoo:
    I like the Coach patent large sophia in crimson.
    IMHO it's a more versatile bag than the rest. I need an everyday bag. My second would be the gathered sophia. It's stunning But I feel like you have to be too careful with it. Not ideal
    The python one is pretty material color BUT too Huge.
    With all due respect but The Jeweled Sophia is just down right UUUUUGLY! Who ever thought of that needs a good :bagslap:
  3. Good luck Megs. I just voted for the Coach Madison patent lg. Sophia!
  4. Patent Large Sophia has my vote.
  5. It's funny, I was voting and when I submitted a saw that you had voted the same as me. Who says great minds think alike. I also agree with you regarding the the jewled Sophia!
  6. Thanks!! I was approached about the guest blogging but wanted to make sure to include the forum members and PurseBlog readers in the decision. You all are a very very important voice and the direct buyers/fan-base of the company!
  7. :blush: I like the jeweled Sophia! :amuse:
  8. I voted for the Patent Sophia! I am really wanting this bag in crimson:smile: It looks like a true red and Coach does not do red bags often.

  9. Thanks so much!!! We really appreciate that!
    Y'all have provided a great forum!

  10. Whoot, Whoot!!!!:biggrin:
    I wish they had one of those lifting up the roof smileys
  11. Dang! Now I feel like I NEED that red sophia!:girlsigh:
  12. patent definitely. what a hot bag!

  13. OOPS!!!:blush::hugs:
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    I voted for the jeweled Sophia but I wanted to vote for the python shoulder bag, too.
    Love them both!
    The jeweled Sophia is a combination of antiquity and modern chic. I love how the jewels have an "antique" vintage flair that adds a real mixture of personality to the modern silhouette. I think it's beautiful, in a classy, vintage, luxurious sort of way.

    I love the python, too. It's gorgeous and I think you could perk up any outfit with this. What a fab accessory!!! Love it!
  15. I am not a fan of the Sophias at all...but if I had to pick one, it would be the gathered Sophia, but in purple. I like the way the leather is.
    If the patent on the Sophia is anything like the AG Sabrina, then ugh. Too thick.
    So yeah, I like the gathered. Just in purple.