~ tPF Coach Girls ~ Join Ladies =)

  1. Inspired by stackmck's "Who are you on Myspace?" thread, I decided to make a tPF Coach Group. It would be a great way for us to put faces to usernames and get to know more about people we 'see' everyday. The link is posted in the MySpace thread, but I figured more people would see it if I gave it it's own thread.

    I made the group private so it could be for us only and then I realized it would probably only delay the time it would take to get all of us together since I would have to approve the group joins. So I'm going to leave it open and then we can close it later.

    What do you guys think?

    Also, we can change all the information. I just wrote something down in a hurry so that we'd have a group. Maybe we can come up with something as a group?

    Feel free to add pictures!! Pictures of your favorite purse, wristlet, wallet, handbag, sandal, keyfob, cell phone lanyard, anything COACH!

    Here's the link ladies =)
  2. AWESOME idea
  3. Will sign up tonight -- they block 'myspace' from my work (ugh)..
  4. guess it's a good thing the don't block tPF !!
  5. Just joined. Yippeeee!
  6. i just joined!! yahoo!
  7. great idea! i will have to join tonight after work!
  8. There are 15 members as of this afternoon!:yes:
  9. Okay I just joined too!
  10. I just joined!!!
  11. Just joined too but confess not to know anything about MySpace.
  12. I joined too!
  13. LOL, I have stayed away from MySpace. Maybe this is enough of a reason to get out there.

    I will also join.
  14. Let me go check it out.
  15. I joined :smile: