tPF Closing For Maintenance, Reprogramming, For 1 month!! AHHH!!

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  1. Stop scaring me!

  2. Now if this had been posted by Vlad or Megs, I might have been totally sucked in. Thank God it's not true.

  4. There was a happy april fools thread right above this one so I immediately knew what this was going to be. Haha
  5. You sooo had me fooled! Haha, completely forgot it was April Fool's.....good one....
  6. i knew it was fake otherwise vlad or megs would've started this thread. LOL!
  7. haha!!! that was pretty good!

    it wld have been awesome though if Vlad punked us all by like putting a msg on the mainpage saying that tpf wld be shut down for a month.

    theres this website that i go to, and last year they got us pretty good by saying that only woman will be allowed to log on and read the forums and they are gonna track our information and blablabla and it seemed so realistic, cause when u tried to log on to the forum, they wld redirect u to that page where that note was. lol!

    okok, i just checked the website. this year, they have been shut down due to "violations" in the Pro Tibet movement, everyone is now being investigated and based on our IP address, our local law enforcement will contact us shortly. LOL!!!!

    i wish i could show u guys the webbie but i know there are forum rules against posting links to another forum.
  8. haha that was awesome!

    this is the anniversary of my fathers death (i know, not very april fools funny) and that is the first joke in 6 years that has made me laugh! KUDOS!

    that was great lol! that changed my day! you totally had me fooled!


    my first thought was, what am i gonna do for a WHOLE MONTH! OmG!
  9. You cheeky boy!!! Sheesh!! I was close to booking the crash cart at ER!!!!
  10. poor princey didn't fool me! or did you... :lol:
  11. I agree!!!:boxing:
  12. OMG you are bad!!!!! I actually believed this for about 20 seconds!!
  13. ACCCCCCCK!!! My God, I actually believed it. My first thoughts were NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO But I only just found tPF!!!

    Good one prince :P
  14. I knew this was an april fools! lmao
  15. LOL.. Missed u chaz!!
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