tPF Christmas tree thread!! :)

  1. My tree should hopefully be up by Wednesday or Thursday. My tree is not the greatest b/c of my kids. Until I can trust them not to run around the tree to make the ornaments fall off, it will only have multi-coloured lights, a star or angel and candy canes (which will all be gone ASAP).
  2. Thank you!

    Thanks! We picked the narrow tree because we have a relatively small place at the moment. One day we'll be able to get a bigger tree, but for now I'm happy with our little guy.
  3. ^ I prefer narrow trees, even with plenty of space. Your tree is absolutely beautiful!
  4. here's mine! :biggrin: i love having my tree up. it makes me happy. it goes up thanksgiving weekend and comes down new years weekend.
    it's a black and silver tinsel tree.

  5. I love tinsel trees! the colors & sizes of your ornaments are so cheerful.
  6. over the past ummmmmm 4-5 years?? i've had a slight ornament buying obsession lol. well i guess not so much the past couple years cause i bought so many the first few years i had my own tree.
    my previous tree was just a silver tinsel tree and i had an ornament on every.single.branch. lol this tree is slightly smaller so i have some left over but i try to get on as many as i can :biggrin:
    i just love the bright colors.
    now to just find an awesome tree skirt... i do love mine but i feel like i need something bright and festive to match the ornament :biggrin:
  7. So colorful, ILuvShopping!!! So perfect for a b&w tinsel tree.
  8. homeless?? oh no. why?? :hugs:
  9. here is my brand new tree I got today.

  10. I'm loving the photos! It's good motivation to get mine up :smile:
  11. oh sweetie. the house sold!!!! way below asking but it was the only offer we could get so.....

    we're moving in with DH's grams for a bit. :biggrin:
  12. love that color.
  13. oh i love it, i love all those colors. it makes me feel so happy to look at it.
  14. gorgeous..i love bird ornaments..i'm always so drawn to them yet i can't really stand live birds..
  15. I love, love, love all the trees! keep 'em coming.