tPF Christmas tree thread!! :)

  1. Lovely trees in this thread! I look forward to seeing more!
  2. Love all the trees Ladies! Just lovely!

    All my married life I had a real green tree, usually 9-10 feet high. But I decided I now need something that's easier to handle so I bought this white flocked tree. It's been a nice change and quite different to decorate. I'm still putting decorations out so I'll try and post more pics when I finish decorating.



  3. A couple more close ups.


  4. I absolutely love flocked trees!
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1387016886.591370.jpg

    This is our tree - our first as a married couple.
  6. how sweet...congrats!
  7. My family laughs at my white tree but I love it.
  8. For now…
  9. We just moved in to our new house few days ago, but the xmas tree is the first thing that I did!
  10. ^I love white trees!


    ^congratulations on your new home!
  11. My villeroy purchases this yr too. Not sure which yr they were produced. Bought them new on eBay :smile:. I have the naif christmas mugs and debating if I should give my spode christmas tree away and complete the naif christmas.
  12. My christmas tree wreath I made
  13. Before and after pic. Sorry, can't upload more than one pic on the tpf app
  14. This is so lovely!

  15. So creative. Love it