tPF Christmas tree thread!! :)

  1. I love the colors in your trees!!!

    All of the trees are beautiful...:loveeyes:
  2. I have an all white tree.
    I have many special decorations in it, like earring-inspired pieces, little birds, pearl necklaces, feathers and fake blossom:

  3. Beautiful..even your bunnies have the right coloring. :biggrin:
  4. I Have To Get Some Pics Of The Christmas Trees Tomorrow, But I Do Have A Picture Of The Banister All Lit Up & Part Of The Foyer.
    Banister.jpg Foyer.jpg
  5. Pretty tree! Cute bunnies!
  6. ^the white makes your tree look snowy, & your bunnies are too cute!

    ^your bannister looks great!
  7. Love your tree, adorable bunnies too!
  8. My tree and fireplace;):xtree::santawave:


  9. i need to take a pic of the tree with the lights off so you can see the ornaments but here it is. i also took a close up of the new ornament i had made for my puppy (yikes. lol)
    2012 tree.jpg dakota ornament.jpg
  10. ^pretty...all the jewel tones you have on the tree & mantle look so festive!

    ^cute! what color is your tree? I thought it might be red, but maybe it's the red lights making it look red.
  11. Is it a tabletop tree HL?
  12. This is DH and I's first christmas as a Mr. & Mrs., we had some fun picking our tree and getting to decorate it!

  13. Here is mine!! It's lacking a few more ornaments since I bought this tree just recently. And please don't laugh at its silly little glass vase thing, I tried desperately to find something to put it in but no avail. :sad: Hope you like it, though!

    And by the way, you can barely see it, but I did place a small silver star charm on top of the tree. See if you can spot it. :biggrin:

    Happy Holidays!
  14. That is so cute and i think the vase is a cute touch hehe
  15. Here is my tree... :xtree: