tPF Christmas tree thread!! :)

  1. We aren't putting our tree up this year as we are moving house but this is last year.
    Next year we will have our first real tree!
  2. [​IMG]

    Here's my village. I have another little house, but it didn't fit, lol
  3. Love your little village. Especially love the M&M factory.

    Everyone's tree's look great!! Can't wait to decorate my home for Christmas.
  4. So cute!!
  5. Beautiful tree and house!
  6. I really can't wait to put up the tree, been looking forward to it since Christmas was over last year lol. Have to wait 'till I get back from Iceland in 2 weeks. Hope the cat and -not- puppy - anymore- will keep the tree alive this year lol
  7. This is SO cute! I love it!
  8. Love it!!! Especially how you raised the back to give it depth! So stinking cute!
  9. ^what a cheerful tree!

    ^that's a cute village setup!
  10. Loving all the latest photos!
  11. i love looking at everyone' tree's!!

    here is mine

  12. I like the momma & baby trees next to each other!
  13. thank you!! :smile:
  14. image-2650636104.jpg

    Here is mine! Great thread!
  15. Rats!! I just realized that with the new TV stand I bought for my new flat screen, I no longer have any extra surface space to put out my Xmas houses. Damn!

    I do have a table in the basement that I could bring up for the Xmas season I suppose.

    My tree will likely go up this weekend.