TPF charm sighting in San Gabriel

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  1. I'm visiting So. CA right now and spotted a TPF charm on a white channel bag at the Newport Seafood House. The restaurant was really crowded so i didn't get a chance to say hello.
  2. OO how exciting ! i would have pushed everyone out the way ! LOL or have just shouted TPF ! Lol but thats just me:P I have yet to see a tpf charm but i'm always on the look out:yes:
  3. i wouldnt've expected it in SGV!! i used to live in san gabriel!!
  4. when i read this, i thought it was me but no, i don't own any chanels! i live in the SGV and i do frequent newport seafood from time to time and i have the charm on my bags at all times....just hoping to bump into day.

    too bad it wasn't me joie!

    rensky: what do you mean you wouldn't have expected someone in SGV? :P there are soooooooo many LV-toting women in this hood! hee hee.
  5. have you put it on the chanel forum maybe you can find out who it was
  6. How exiting!
  7. ^^^oh, that's a good cool :smile:
  8. How very exciting for you. I hope you find out who it was. Good luck, and let us know.
  9. OMG this is exciting :nuts:
  10. Haha! That's great! Too bad you didn't get to exchange hellos!
  11. nono...i meant that i wouldn't expect someone from SGV to be on this forum!

    im sure asians are really hyped about bags.. but most of them dont even know what the name of their bags are! ;)

  12. How exciting! I don't have a TPF charm...I think I joined too late. Let us know if you find out who the fellow TPFer is!
  13. hahaha i know what you mean. so many of them carry brand named bags but most could care less about really learning about the line and being truly passionate about it (like us on tPF). to them, it's just the name and that's it and not only that, i've seen so many abused bags. sad.

    yeah i never thought there was anyone else from the SGV on this forum but i'm sure there definitely are. maybe we'll run into each other one day! haha. :nuts:

    btw, i was being humorous earlier, hope you didn't take it the wrong way. :biggrin:
  14. np! i didnt think there was anything wrong with what you said!

    talking about abused bags..all my friends... :cursing:

    i think all of us together probably would come to a total number of ~150 bags! but...they are all beaten up...

  15. i was there last night. i don't know too much about channel bags but it was quilted and a had two straps, she wore it on her shoulder. i'm pretty sure it was a tpf charm. i'll post to the chanel forum later.