TPF Charm/keychain/secret sign update! All in the mail!

  1. OK, first off I want to give Nakolulu a big thumbs up for really getting this rolling with her poll. As you all know, I thought since I had already done it for the ROAK, it would be the easiest solution. I thought another 50, maybe 75 people would want them....silly me, I was worried about making the 100 piece minimum.

    Well, 600 orders later :nuts: we are. The second order was a couple of days late, so I apologize for the slight delay, I was busy getting all of those out, when the third order showed up today, early :shrugs: ...I was on a roll, so I just powered through the rest...every single one is in the mail!

    Count to date: 654 tPF 'secret signs' distributed world wide!

    Good thing, I decided to up the last order to 200 pieces, I have about 50 pieces left for the late birds or new comers.

    Please post/continue to post pictures of how you are using really makes it all worth while!

    go tPF!:heart:
  2. :push: I desperately want one to put on my bags but I don't really think my mom would understand when I explain to her what it is so I can use her credit card to pay for it.

    It'll be so cool if I spot someone near me with it on their bag, though! :nuts:
  3. I got mine last weekend and it's adorable. As I posted in another thread, I always switch bags so you'll just have to look at my bag charm for it lol. I'll be sure to put it on and post a pic of the bag it'll be on when I go to TPFer hot spots like SCP though!

    Thanks for the adorable charm!
  4. That is a lot of TPF keychains floating out there. Hope I get mine soon and wonder if I will bump into any fellow pfers out there.:flowers:
  5. Thank you, I am waiting patiently [sort of]'s driving me mad! But I can't imagine how much work that was, thanks again!!!
  6. ugg....I want mine to come soon! I ordered 2, 1 for me, and I got one for my mom as a present :yahoo:
  7. Thank you again Tink, you truely are a superstar that posting must have taken you forever!
  8. Tink- you are sucha SUPERSTAR!!

    I think Mary need a round of appaulse *claps hands REALLY loudly*
  9. a huge THANKS to you Mary for putting all your time and effort into making this a reality. i definitely appreciate you taking the ball and making it all happen from my little post!! and i'm so happy to be able to now spot some of you tPFers out there wherever i go. GO tPFERS! :woohoo:
  10. oh WOW...thats SO MANY! PROPS to you for getting them all out, taking that time to distribute the tPF love to all of us! YOU ROCK!
  11. Tink you are awesome! very kind to make this all possible - your efforts and work on this are so much appreciated :smile:
  12. Thanks Tink, looking forward to putting it on my wife's bag. Almost like putting her ring on-well almost.
  13. Got mine today, and I love it! Thanks tink!!
  14. Thanks Tink for all your hard work! You are awesome!
  15. Thanks, Mary!