tPF Charity of the Month: PLEASE READ!!!

  1. I just finished watching the American Idol special (for those who did not see it, it was a show that raised $$ for AIDS and Malaria infected children in Africa, as well as hungry children here in the US). It was made me so greatful for everything I have and so gluttonous (sp) for what I spend my $$$ on.

    I donate on a regular basis, but I think it would be AWESOME if we, the members of the PF, get together and raise $$ for a worthy cause. We had briefly discussed it before but it never went anywhere. We could have Vlad and Megs collect the $$ (in a Paypal account) and then donate on behalf of the Purse Forum.

    Seriously; whether it is $50 or $5000 we raise as a group, it would so so much good.

    What do you all think???? Please all say yes. :yes:
  2. I think u should discuss this with VLAD and Megs prior to posting this....
  3. Oh, that would be an excellent idea!
  4. We did discuss it Jill; back last summer. Everyone who posted (which I believe included Megs) said it was a great idea. But is fizzled out. :sad:
  5. I'd help out! It sounds like a great idea!:yes:
  6. Becca - Count me in! :heart:
  7. I would too definitely!! That is so awesome!!
  8. I will be more than happy to donate! :-]]
  9. I think it's a really good idea. If every member could donate even $1, we could raise a lot as a group.
  10. count me in as well ! :yes: any ideas what we would donate for? animal shelters maybe , at least part of it?
  11. Great idea, its too bad not many people posted on this one, sad actually. We can all run around with 500 handbags and these children in Africa need 1 dollar to eat for a few days, its just so sad. I watched the special last night and it moved me to tears, it makes me feel materialistic and most importantly it makes me want to do something. Everyone should support you on this one, its only the right thing to do!
  12. ^ yeah I'm kind of upset that there are not enough posts in here...
  13. You took the words right out of my mouth. That is why I did not respond to all of the generous PF members who posted; I was so down and frustrated by the lack of responses. :sad:
  14. Becca:

    I honestly don't think it due to a lack of compassion from the members. The lack of response maybe due to not a lot of members visit the general discussion forum. Perhaps this should be made a sticky so that everyone can see it and it doesn't get buried.

    You can count on my donation for both the children in Africa and America.:heart:
  15. I'd be happy to donate, however wanted to ask how we will decide what charities to donate to as I seem to recall from the thread about it that everybody gives to VERY different and worthwhile causes. If for some reason things don't get off the ground with this I think what I might do personally is make extra special donations to my chosen charities out of my own pocket but on behalf of everyone at TPF (with Meg & Vlad's say so of course!)