tPF BV Contest...I'm a winner!! YAY!! My BV Clutch!

  1. Hey all!!!

    I missed delivery of my prize the other day and went today to the post office and picked it up, my BV Pink Clutch!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    OMG, Megs & Vlad included the sweetest card inside!! So thoughtful!! Aww...:tender:

    Thank You both so much!!!!!! :biguns:
    I love it!!! :yes:

    Here's a pic everyone..:wlae:

  2. WOW !!! Its gorgeous ! Congratulations once again.
  3. Congrats!! Enjoy ur clutch ^_^ it's super cute! :yahoo:
  4. That's beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Yay, you!

  6. Congratulations, lucky girl!!! Have fun with your new clutch!
  7. Thx everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
    My bday is tomorrow, perfect timing!!! YAY!!:tup:

    We stopped at the post office on the way to the LV boutique!! OH YAAAA!!! :graucho:

    I'll be posting pics tomorrow of my bday gift on the (LV boards, of course!!) ;)

    My BV clutch is so cute!! I'm thinking I'm going to put lil things inside and throw it into my LV bags!! Perfecto!!! :tup: Heehee!
  8. Wow, congratulations. Good for you.:tup:
  9. Wow. That is a beauty!! And Happy Birthday since it now *is your birthday!!
  10. Wow! Congratulations! It's beautiful!:tup:
  11. Gorgeous, congratulations! And happy birthday! :yahoo:
  12. wow, beautiful!
  13. ^^Thx all!! Thx for the bday wishes!! :yes:
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. :dothewave: woohoo!Congrats!It's a lovely bag!