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  1. This thread is for all things (future/virtual/imaginary) TPF book-related. Ideas here! (I'm all razzed up, and it might not even happen! must be optimistic....)
    Background: on the "bags as art" thread, member ReRe had the FABULOUS idea of turning the pictures into a book...there are so many talented photographers here, and even more talented models (read:bags)!
    Who's in? (BTW, it's probably best to keep posting pictures in the "bags as art" thread, rather than here)
  2. Why not keep it all in the bags as art thread? The ideas will stay all in one place then.
  3. hey patchwork! hmmm...I think you're right.Okay, how do you close a thread?
  4. I don't understand:confused1:
  5. Check out the thread tPF members bags as art thread. We're trying to get a book going!
  6. Thanks peppamint, we don't want to get all our ideas scattered...:smile:
  7. hmmm, is someone getting permission from all those people and from Megs & Vlad?
  8. We're suggesting a book...did you look through the thread? It's a lot of fun!
  9. I wouldn't really want my pictures to be used in a book.
  10. ^^^You wouldn't have to unless you submitted some for the book and also were accepted and signed a release. Don't worry, the photos posted on this forum are too lo res for printing. :smile:
  11. Can we close this thread so people don't get the wrong idea? :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.