tPF Book Club: "Bitter is the New Black" discussion post!

  1. Here's the discussion post for the tPF Book Club's first book, Bitter is the New Black.

    We still have some kinks we need to work out to avoid spoilers, so for now I ask all posters wishing to discuss to note which chapter(s) they are writing about before they begin their discussion! This way those that are not as far can not read those posts to avoid spoilers!

    Still trying to figure out a way around this since I don't want to fill up the Gen Disc forum with a bunch of "Chapter x - xx" posts :shrugs:

    Let's get reading!

    Enjoy :biggrin:

    Official discussions will end on November 1, but members are more than welcome to continue discussing if they have not yet finished. ;)
  2. I have to get off the PF so I can read!!! Its a challenge!! The book is right by my bed...I will start it tonight!
  3. I can't wait to start this book...I'm so excited!!!

  4. I just finished this bo0k and it's great! I dont want to spoil it for any one so ill just leave it at that!
  5. I loved this book!
  6. I've ordered it from the library - my local library didn't have it and so they are getting it from another library, and my account says it's in transit. I'll join in the discussion when I'm reading it - I read fast so no worries!!
  7. loved this book!
  8. I loved this book! I am excited to hear what everyone has to say about it.
  9. I am so going to order this!! Can't wait to start reading it.
  10. i ordered it from our library too, and it still says in transit..
  11. I am still waiting on the book to arrive from Amazon. Hopefully it will be here this week so I can get started!!
  12. I have read this as well as her follow up book; "Bright Lights, Big Ass". They are soo funny. I just love Jen Lancaster. Can't wait to start discussing this one.
  13. I need to order this book!
  14. Received my book today! Can't wait to start it :biggrin:
  15. Got my book and am already well into it!!!