Tpf Birkin lovers, wanted to share this with you....

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  1. Hi, i joined tpf a few months ago and have read some interesting and funny comments here, i just thought it's time to share :smile: I've been collecting Hermes Birkin bags for over 10 years now and have a very nice collection. I've read your comments about shopping for a birkin bag on ebay and i i now more then ever understand some of your concerns and frustrations :
    I wanted to share a problem i had with ebay recently. I have sold birkins on ebay only when my DH got me either the same size or color as my exotic ones, i never used them so i've decided to sell them for their retail price (it's really not a business for me and i hardly have the time to deal with it). I recently posted my dove grey birkin on ebay and had a fake buyer with zero feedback bid on it, needless to say never paid for it or contacted me. I then relisted the it and had the same thing happen again, i can't beleive how low some people will go !!! I think the fact that i sell my bags with the receipt for their retail price (i only buy my bags from the hermes stores ) got someone "mad" out there. I called ebay about it and got really frustrated with their answers, no matter what, even when you get the final value fee back from ebay, it is still too bad that sellers like me will think twice before listing again. I was wondering if the same ever happened to you ? This is the first time for me - but twice in 2 weeks is way too much :tdown: i would love to share some pics in the future....
  2. If you are listing them BIN, require immediate payment. You should also put in a statement in your listing such as "users with less than 10 feedback will have their bids cancelled unless you contact me before bidding" and then follow out the threat to cancel bids if the person hasnt contacted you.
  3. Here is what you can do :

    Option 1 : Relist your bag at the price you want to sell it, but NOT WITH THE BUY IT NOW OPTION.

    This is the only way to protect you from those who want to close your listing for any reason.

    This will keep away the fake bidders who push the buy it now button, and will attract only interested bidders.

    State in your listing that you feel free to cancel any bid so you can get rid of the bad jokers.....

    Option 2 : List your bag with BIN but also with the "Preapproved bidders only" Option. This option is available on the Sell you item form.

    Bidders will HAVE to contact you before for making clear : intention of buying and personal information.

    I have been though ALL KIND of trouble as a seller on ebay and I know for sure how frustrating it is to go through this....
    In any case, make sure you add to your blocked bidders list every single underiable bidder from your passed listings.

    Good luck !
  4. I always do that if I use a BIN option....easy peasy;) good luck,

  5. In addition to immediate payment with BIN, check the box that says buyer must have a PP account. These are in seller's preferences.
  6. I sure feel your frustration, I'm just buying books and beauty products on ebay now. I got ripped off buying a Chanel bag and it took months to recover my money.
    And in the selling arena, too many cases of buyer's remorse so I don't want to list anything for sale anymore either.
    I can't figure out if it's the state of the economy, the decline in people's morals, or ebay's lack of protections for the very people who are it's lifesblood or a combination of all of these that have led to ebay's becoming such a circus.
  7. Thank you so much for all your great advice, It is so much more helpful than ebay's. Ebay told me the second time i listed the bag to change my requirements on my seller's account and state the "less than 10 feedback etc. on my listing which i did both BUT they forgot to mention to mark the "immediate payment" plus when you use this option you can't use it for over $10,000 (which is fine in my case because i am selling the bag for retail price :smile: but what a pain, i really liked using ebay in the past. I will also add block these buyers now. Thanks again.
  8. can someone please tell me the steps to block the specific buyers ?
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    This is the easiest way to block specific bidders:

    1. Sign in to your ebay account.

    2. Go to "Site Map" on the right, top of any ebay page. Click on that.

    3. In the center column of that page is the word "SELL" and under that is "Block Bidder/Buyer list". Click on that.

    4. Copy and past the user ID you want to block from your auctions. If you want to block more that 1 just separate them by commas.

    5. Click SUBMIT and that buyer will be blocked from bidding until you remove them.

  10. just did it, thank you for your help, you just saved me 30min of wasting my time with an ebay rep :0 )