tpf being used to sell fakes?

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  1. i just posted this in the "eBay auctions to be weary of" thread, but i thought it would make for some interesting discussion here.

    the seller has listed a fake stam. however, the information in her item description shows that she's clearly knowledgable about stams. she uses the correct season and even talks about icy leather.

    of course, she could've gotten this information elsewhere, but it wouldn't be completely farfetched to believe that she could've lifted this information from the forums. as much as the resources here can be helpful to us, so that we don't end up paying hundreds or even thousands on a counterfeit bag, it can also be used by others to better trick unsuspecting buyers into thinking that their bags are the real deal.

    my first mj bag turned out to be a replica. i purchased it off of eBay and the seller posted pictures of the riri zipper and even offered a money back guarantee. it wasn't until i had it authenticated here that it realized it was a fake, and by then it was too late to get my money back.

    i'm sure this isn't a new topic, but it's scary to think of the measures people will resort to cheat and lie.

    i forgot to add that the seller could also sincerely believe that her bag is real, and that she has no malicious intent. who's to know for sure?
  2. ^ Hmm, the link is not working for me.

    I'm not surprised by this, it's awful how these sellers try to make these bags appear real. They're making hundreds of dollars off a fake bag, and this activity is completely heartless. The worst trick is camera angles, esp when it comes to zipperheads.

    Auctions like these gives me another reason to keep authenticating tips hush-hush... I hate when fakers learn our tricks!
  3. I bought a fake bag too on eBay (my first MJ one) and the seller is convinced that her bag is real. I tried to explain to her several times why it was fake but she did not listen. I think, like you say, sellers are liars or they just don't know...

    i'm sorry if the link doesn't work. i'm posting it again, so everyone can see what i mean.

    paninidreams, i'm sorry that you were duped into buying a fake. if the seller will not cooperate with you, you should file a claim through ebay and paypal. usually paypal will require that you have the bag authenticated, which can prove to be difficult. did you use a credit card? you can always do a chargeback as well. you should post your situation in the ebay forum. they will be able to give you more details there. good luck!
  5. I have a question too. If I can see where an eBay buyer bought a CLEAR fake, should I follow my conscience and write to that buyer to tell them what happened, or just let nature take its course? That wretched quilted chain-strap Stella sold today using BIN, and I had already turned it in to eBay as counterfeit. That poor buyer! Will eBay halt the transaction?
  6. Crooks will also state that they are tPFers just to gain the trust of their victim! :cursing:

    I strongly urge anyone who is thinking of buying off eBay or such to post auctions links for review FIRST, no matter who is selling.

    You may want to also contact the seller and ask for their tPF ID and PM them here to confirm that is actually them. Still need to check authenticity though...

    bag-addict, contacting the buyer is called Transaction Interference and is against eBay policy. You can report the auction using the Report This Item link at the bottom of the auction page and hopefully, eBay will remove it.

  7. I reported tons of bad auctions and Ebay does not care. It is just frustrating to see that those sellers are still making big money from poor girls that just don't know what they are doing.
  8. Hard as it may be for you guys to understand (since you are very well educated in the school of MJ) some people simply don't care.....if it looks real enough and the price is right...they'll bite. In my part of the country (rural) most of the designer items are fakes...but there are not enough "educated-in-design" people around to care. It may be that these e-bay victims don't care if they've been duped or not. The price was right and they'll proudly display their new purchase as "real" and no one will know the difference.
  9. ^ i understand your point. like i've said before, i will not judge someone if they prefer to willingly buy fakes. i'm sure there are many people that are not concerned with authenticity. they just like the style of the bag and that is fine also. my concern is that people are being tricked into buying bags they think are real. it's happened to me, and it's a terrible situation to be in.
  10. I agree tadpole...most of the sellers that have fakes listed on ebay are saying that they're authentic, and that's totally bogus (Bill and Ted moment).

    I hope the knaves won't infiltrate tpf to further their thievery, but since it's a public forum there's no way to stop them.
  11. And I would add that they buy them at terrible prices like 500$ to 800$... Nobody wants to buy a fake for more than 60$, maybe 150$ if its a real good fake made of leather.
  12. I almost want to cry when I see someone buying a fake for $500 - $800. It happens fairly often!
  13. Me too! If you want a fake, spend a maximum of $100 and give the rest to a charity that really deserves the remaining $400!
  14. I saw the link and her bag is so OBVIOUS that it's a fake! How could she stand behind it saying it's 100% authentic and she doesn't buy fake?!!! :wtf: