TPF Beauty Swap Box Round 9 Reveal Thread!

  1. Yay! I'm so excited it's starting. I hope everyone is able to find some wonderful goodies in the box!
  2. So excited and ready to ship!
  3. bagloverburr just informed me that she will skip this round. Could the next person in line send me her address?
  4. OMG I am first!!!

    I have had a very rough couple of weeks and I have completely forgotten about this. This was such a nice surprise. Cannot wait to get into the box ;)
  5. Box is on its way...
    Have fun.
    There are tons of nice goodies to look forward to.:smile:
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your rough time. I hope the box is a ray of sunshine!
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    Thank you girls. It has been really though but it will get better. I have faith.

    Anyway, here is the first reveal!!

    I took:
    Korres foundation
    Lancome cream (deluxe sample)
    Clinique blush deluxe sample

    Daughter took
    Victoria secret lotion deluxe sample
    Victoria secret lotion
    Loreal duo eyeshadow
    Joe eyeshadow
    BE brush
    Case with misc. Brushes.
    maybelline eyeshadow

    This was so much fun. Daughter and I needed this. I will be shipping the box tomorrow morning to the next person.
  8. Nice selection:smile:
    Take care.
  9. I am just waiting to hear from kristinized to ship ;)
  10. Hope everything is ok Charlie. :hugs:
  11. Hope things are looking up for you, Charlie. Great selections there, by both you and your daughter. Also very glad to see some of my items continuing to find new homes!
  12. I'm glad both you and your daughter were able to find some goodies in the box. I hope things get better for you guys soon.
  13. :hugs:

    Can't wait for more reveals!
  14. Well, I totally missed this thread - I have a lot to catch up on! That will teach me to just use the Participated In section of tpf phone app.

    I got the box, and can't wait to crack it open!