TPF Beauty Swap Box Round 7 Sign Up and Rules


Dec 11, 2008
Yayyy! After another great round, its time to start sign ups again!

Sign ups will end January 21 and the lists will be posted January 22. Boxes Should start Feb first as long as there isn't any hold ups. I should have them back and be able to inventory and even them out by then.

There will be two lists, each with a box. The boxes will NOT switch. After this round we will start new sign ups. There is not enough interest to switch them.

If you would like to not be at the beginning of a list because you had it recently, let me know. I will also need your email address and state pmed to me before I officially add you to the list.

For those not familiar with the swap box/round robin, we send a box bursting at the seams from person to person and you take out what you like and then put your unwanted products in. Its fun and so far everyone has been incredibly generous with only a few issues.

Please post here if you would like to be included.

RULES ( as posted by Bunny)

1) US residents only (sorry international TPFers! Rule is in place
since we will be using USPS flat rate boxes to ship in which keeps the
box moving quickly

2) Minimum of 500 posts to participate

3) We will be using large USPS flat rate boxes - this assures everyone
pays the same price for shipping ($13.50) regardless of weight; we can
track the package; and the next person will receive it in 2-3 business

4) Must be able to send tracking number to organizer when shipped.

5) Must send off package no more than 3 days after receipt; PM the
next person on your list for their address once you receive the box.
If next person on the list does not reply in a timely manner then
organizer has the right to remove them or move the in the list pending
the speed of the box and the availability of another spot they can be
moved to.

6) Must put in equal amount (or more) items than what was taken; there
will be a online log sheet for you to cross off what you took and add
in your stash. If you feel that you can't add your items in please PM
or email organizer to get clarity on next steps. Be detailed about
what you add/remove, the online sheet will show ALL donations and
removals and the intent is by showing transparency we can keep
everyone honest.

7) Items should be in new or good condition. This means if YOU WOULD
NOT USE IT yourself please do not add it into the box. Nothing old,
more than half used or is in such poor shape it may not make the
travel in the box. Please do not use the box for recycling, Origins
and other companies offer proper recycling and disposal of your older
makeup or beauty items.

8) Please wrap up your items (especially liquids) carefully so the
next participant doesn't get a wet, sticky mess (or USPS pulls it;
please don't send anything illegal: I suggest everything that
could leak or powder all over the place be placed in a baggie.

9) If for any reason you are on the list and can no longer
participate, please let us know ASAP!

10) You must be able to take pictures of what you've taken to post on
after receiving the box. This keeps excitement up for the ladies
watching by keeping things transparent. No need to take pictures of
what you are adding - that way it keeps the rest of the box a surprise
for the upcoming participants. :smile:

11)Email address must be provided for every participant. The reason for
this is that the online spreadsheet of items will be visible ONLY to
the email address of the current box recipient and this will eliminate
issues with reading hand writing or losing/forgetting the sheet log in
the box. Person receiving the box will be given the online sheet
access to edit/add and that sheet will be locked between the box


Apr 14, 2009
Whoo! I just recently stumbled onto these swap boxes and they look like so much fun! Just gotta bump up my posts to make the requirements :graucho:


Oct 8, 2007
I'd like to try the beauty swap... i did the nail swap last year and it was a lot of fun!


New Member
Jan 19, 2013
This is so cool i have been looking for a way to swap out items i get in beauty bags that are not useful to me but i know others would love will have to watch for this maybe next round im new here