TPF Beauty Swap Box Round 7 Reveal Thread!

  1. LOL at first I was like, why is she collecting bags of hair???

    Hair care********** :roflmfao:
  2. :roflmfao:
    If anything, I do need hair!
  3. Whew here are my picks.... and I saw whew, because i just spend the past hour desperately trying to tetris pack the box. It closes but I'm worried with the cardboard being reused it may look a bit bulgy--I'll pick up a new box tomorrow and retetris--oof.

    ADN Face rejuvenating treatment
    South of France soap (smells light and rosy!)
    Smashbox Photofinish primer (can't get enough travel sized primer)
    Sinful Colors nail art polish in lagoon (i have too much polish, but now nail air brushes... so much potential)
    revlon peachy colored lip gloss
    maybelline lipstick in pout on pink
    loreal berry burst
    estee lauder lipstick in candy
    mary kay lip mask
    mary kay lip balm (i really loded up on the lip products. I almost never do, BUT my lips have been feeling esp dry and neglected this past week)
    lumene Excellent Future eye cream
    lumene face wipes
    Lumene Peat mask (i love trying new masks)
    Lancome small dual palette in Honeymoon (perfect for light travel packing)
    estee lauder soft smudge brown eyeliner
    Bare minerals eye shadow in Treasure island (i'm a big fan of their foundation and now i get to try their eye line)
  4. and now with photo!

    photo 1.JPG
  5. And the Samples...
    Algenist Micropolish
    Chloe fragrance
    Laura Geller Spackle
    L'Occitane shea butter
    Biolage softening mist (this concept intrigues me....)
    bubble bubble creamy cleaning foam
    photo 2.JPG
  6. LOL Retetris needs to be an official swap box phrase. Let's start a trend!
  7. Great selection:smile:
    Yeah, packing that box is a bit challenging....
  8. Great choices ladies. Looks like there are some great lip and face products in the box. Plus, look at the array of samples!

    Exactly. This is the perfect word to describe trying to repack these beauty swap boxes!
  9. Wow it looks like there are some amazing things in this box! Can't wait for my turn!
  10. limom
    sndypchez should have box today
  11. Ohmigosh I just can't wait!!!!!
  12. Got the box today and have already gone through it! Here are my picks (forgot to include a Hello Kitty lotion and a B&B Works lotion in the pic though...)

    Box has been repacked and will ship out to the next person tomorrow :smile:
  13. Finally! My TPF app works!!!!!
  14. Lovely polish colors! Great choices Sndypchez!
  15. Ooohhhhh very good items. I'm excited. I'm next. Can't wait!!!!!