TPF Beauty Swap Box Round 7 Reveal Thread!

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    -Try to mail within 3 business days(pm me if there is an issue)
    -Do not overpack box or go crazy on tape. Post office will not accept a bulging box.
    -send me tracking
    -List will be emailed to you via a link.
    ****IMPORTANT**** If you use hotmail/msn/live you MUST add lunadust12 @ to your contacts or it will become buried in your junk folder! You will need to delete junk emails until the link email appears on the first page to find it.
    -If you are not on the list when I post it, I still need your email!

    First person to pm me their address gets first dibs! There will be one box this round and I will post mailing order after I get an address to start off with!!

    HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!!:graucho:
  2. LOL, I'm sooooo excited!
  3. :party:
  4. Did it start yet?
  5. I still need an address!!! :tumbleweed:
  6. Just sent mine! I thought someone had already sent theirs by the tie I saw the new I didnt bother trying earlier!

  7. What a great way to start off the box and decide the mailing order!!! Even though I'm sitting this round out, I'm super excited to see the reveals :smile:
  8. order:


  9. :party:
  10. Who's excited for the first reveal???????
  11. Is the box on the move? Excited to see what goodies there are! I signed up for a few other swaps but i'm stuck towards the end of those lengthy lists! Glad I can actually get my hands on this one sooner!
  12. Not yet, the only days I've had off the past two weeks, its been crazy weather! Hopefully tomorrow !!
  13. Oh no did you get stuck in the Nemo madness? I have a few gf's out on the e coast that luckily made it on flights to warmer destinations before everything got cancelled. One's in Hawaii now....lucky duck...
  14. it was slightly above freezing here so we just got mostly downpours. it was disappointing that we were so close but barely half an inch of snow here.
  15. Lucky you:smile:
    30 plus inches here and freezing rain yesterday.
    In addition, there are two more storms coming.
    Is it ok to add body products and nail polishes as well?