~*TPF BB Holiday 2013 RAOK Chit Chat and Reveal Thread*~

  1. Wooooooooooo!

    Some reminders!
    -If you ship international, please check weight prices before shopping!
    -Please send your questionnaire through Elfster. This way I will not know who drew me. Send these before Monday November 4th.
    (on the exchanges main page you will see "person who drew you/your draw" in a box under the exchange name. Hovering over "person who drew you" will give you the send message option.)
    -If you are doing more than one RAOK through Elfster, I recommend making a separate wishlist for each so you don't get doubles.
    -Make sure you post so your "secret elf" can get to know you and personalize your gift. Make sure you also ask the person you are buying for questions to get to know them better and narrow down what they might like when buying items not on the wishlist.

    Have fun!!!!
  2. I had to redraw names. Sorry if there was any confusion! I didn't want anyone to miss out on the party :smile:
  3. Gotta get working on my questionnaire and Wishlist!
  4. Really excited about who I drew x
  5. Ok, I don't know how to send questionnaire through Elfster or how to receive the questionnaire of my match....

    Sorry, I just sign up for elfster :smile:
  6. When the person you drew sends theirs, You'll get it in your email.
  7. I circled where you'll get the option to send your questionnaire to the person buying gifts for you.
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    That's great, I will not miss it, then :smile:
  9. I'm so happy with my buddy and the person that has me! She's asking me questions already, I feel special. To my buddy I sent my questionnaire but don't know if it went through or workdd
  10. The questions are anonymous, right?
  11. The person who you are buying for will not know who is asking them. anything you send the person buying for you will know its from you
    Don't worry, if they didn't get it, I'm sure they'll let me know lol.

    On that note, If you have an issue like not getting your buddies survey or they aren't answering questions, I recommend pming me instead of posting. They may figure out its you that way :lol: (this is for everyone. People always give away who they are every round even if their buddy doesn't make the connection lol!)
  12. Last question :smile:

    I have a Chanel product, only tasted, from my buddy wishlist. There is no option to buy it, it's limited edition product. Can I send it or product should be only new?
  13. There is a no old/expired/discontinued rule but in a case like that all you have to do to is ask your buddy if sending it is ok.
  14. I am so flippin' excited! Off to find out more about my buddy!
  15. Yes