**TPF BB Fall Pumpkingeddon RAOK Chat and Reveal Thread**

  1. I'm waiting for Samia's reveal and I wasn't even in the exchange. :biggrin:

    I hope you get it soon.
  2. I know right, I am excited enough for her!!
  3. Yes I know the international shipping is tricky and I feel sorry for my buddy.
  4. yeah, cause the mid range with tracking goes on a boat... not a plane.
  5. I wonder if this is how this is going and that's why? That's good to know!
  6. Just checking in......nothing yet? Still on the boat.....
  7. My package finally got here!!! Just got into work and it was waiting for me at my desk, took some quick pics!!
    Thank you unluckystars, she was my buddy. I got my wishlist items and the package was totally worth the wait!! Here are some pics I snapped:

    The box!! so girly, love the wrapping paper, a cute LLB (little black bag) :graucho: and underneath some more girly pink and lots of yummy dark chocolate:

    So I opened the LLB first and out came the Tarte Blush!! lovely color cannot wait to try it
    Next I opened the pink wrapped gift and something I have been meaning to get forever the Real Techniques Brush set!! and lastly a staple in my daily routine the Smashbox Liquid Liner, I cannot find this here anymore. And here they are!!! can you tell I am super excited :biggrin:

    All goodies together and the lovely card

    Thanks unluckystars
  8. OH MY GOD! :faint:Whew! You must have had inside info when you said wait until Sunday lol.
  9. I hope the blush color works. My Sephora didn't carry the color you asked for. Glad you liked my girly wrapping! I'm so glad it finally showed up!
  10. The blush is lovely, I have some on right now ;)

    LOL! I had no idea, just thought should wait a bit more
  11. Me (and others at the office) have been munching on the yummy dark chocolate! Love the cute messages inside, I had these two (I promise only 2)

  12. Nice!!!! So glad it came
  13. That is a totally sweet gift and getting items you can't get where you are at, BONUS! Glad it finally arrived, enjoy