**TPF BB Fall Pumpkingeddon RAOK Chat and Reveal Thread**

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    What?? No pics yet?? :popcorn:
  2. Sorry guys.. I had a meeting to go to.. but I am back.. and ready to start the reveal.. hope everyone is ready because my buddy ROCKSSSS!!
  3. So I came home today to find this... ooooooo!!!!!!!
  4. So I immediately ripped it open (with some help from my handy dandy scissors... it was taped pretty well!!)
  5. The wrapping was so pretty.. I hesitated for a moment before I started unwrapping everything
  6. My little munchkin got a surprise as well.. and as soon as I opened the pouch she smelled them from across the room.. I barely got the bag opened before her head was almost in the bag, so naturally I gave her a couple.. BIG mistake.. she wont leave me alone now!!
    IMAG1079.jpg IMAG1088.jpg
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    So while she was busy munching on her treats.. I got a few myself.. some of my favorite candy!!!
    Lindt truffles in white chocolate, toblerone, twizzlers and a Starbucks gift card!!! My buddy knows me so well already!!!!! (sorry the twizzlers bag is cut off). As soon as my fb got home he stole a truffle and toblerone... Sok he got a treat too.
  8. LOL one of my cats is like that. She's super greedy!
  9. I loooovvvveee doing my nails.. probably too much and my wonderful buddy got me some of the prettiest fall colored nail polish for fall and some nail gems I have been lusting over!!!
  10. As most of you realize by now I am obsessed lately with artistry skin care and cosmetics... I love the fact they use organic botanicals in their products and this one I loooovvveee. I was just running out of mine and it has a LIGHT ON IT!!! It's their light up lip gloss with peppermint in it so it has a natural lip plumper too!
    IMAG1085.jpg IMAG1093 (1).JPG
  11. My buddy also took a lot of consideration on my survey as I will ONLY use moroccan oil on my hair.
  12. She also noted that I loooovvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee peacocks.. My entire wedding theme was a peacock theme. I somehow lost my last Tervis cup stolen at work.. so now I have one to replace it.
  13. Here is a full shot of everything!!!
  14. My amazing Buddy was FloridaSun8

    You were an incredible buddy!!! P.S. My furball says thank you too!