**TPF BB Fall Pumpkingeddon RAOK Chat and Reveal Thread**

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    -International must be shipped by October 11th

    -Domestic shipped by October 18th

    - I must be given tracking unless You are shipping to me

    -If you are sending international PLEASE check shipping costs before buying items. There are weight limits that if you go over, shipping costs may jump up significantly!

    -If you are new to RAOKS its a good idea to go through previous rounds for a feel of what packages look like. Extras like candy and stickers and fancy wrapping paper are pretty common. Asking your buddy questions is very important to get to know them especially if you are sending things that aren't on their wishlist. It is recommended to try and buy some items from the wishlist even if everything you send isn't from the list.

    -Please make sure you update your wishlist and check it is not marked as private so your buddy can see it.

    -Sending older, expired, discontinued items are NEVER okay

    -To send your questionaire to the person who drew you: go to the raok page on elfster (not your home page). At the top it will say "person who drew you/ your draw" Hover over "person who drew you" and the option to send them a message will pop up.

    -Holiday sign ups will start around Halloween...:rockettes:
  2. So much time to shop and have FUN!
  3. Fun, fun, fun!!!
  4. YAY! Just sent off my questionnaire. Can't wait to start shopping and seeing reveals!! :woohoo:
  5. What questionnaire?

    Edit: I am obviously blind!!! Just saw it
  6. I am so excited.. this is my first ROAK on TPF and I used to go a bit overboard on my previous ones... I love giving to other people!
  7. FIFTY BUCKS it is!:graucho:
  8. then i'm done! lol
  9. I have no idea where on elfster to find my buddy's questionnaire.
  10. It'll show up in your actual email as a message from elfster
  11. Oh! I had no idea. I'm rarely on that email. Off to check...
  12. to the person who got me- wanna let you know that i'm not doing my Qs till this weekend. just go by what's on my WL cause that's all that matters! ;)
  13. maybe there's a brand you haven't tried before you'd be interested in??
  14. Okay, you know what the biggest drawback to beauty shopping for someone else is for me? One for them, one for me, one for them, one for me. :shame:
  15. been there done that. wasted $$ on some. the stuff i'm using right now are the only ones that work for me.