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  1. The official 2009 thread for those of us in Australia.

    All sale talk specific to Aus (and let's be honest, general dribble) can be found here for the 2009 period! We are also planning a MEET sometime this year... WOOP WOOP! or is that woot woot?!


    So.... Birkin anyone?
  2. Frankie - you should take the Miu Miu... ;)
  3. Ooh very nice. Looks around... All fresh and clean and new. I like it! Now let's make a mess!! :party:
  4. New thread, new thread, whooooooo whooo whooooooooooo!!! *runs around nekkid*

    Well I think I'm taking Saumur for the simple reason that I still haven't packed and everything I need is sitting nicely in it and ready to go! :push:

    Or maybe I should just change it? Agh! I'm dying for a coffee and can't think, and it's ten minutes 'til the shop almost-next-door opens and I can get milk. [​IMG]
  5. Have coffeeeeeeeee! Taking Miu Miu! :choochoo:

    Wish me luck, everyone! Have a fab weekend, and I'll see ya all Monday. :welcome:
  6. Yay...hello everyone - ooh you chose "Welcome to Woop Woop" - my suggestion do I need to forward my address to Cal for the Birkin????? :lol:

    Good luck Frankie......will be thinking of you.
  7. I'm renaming my son Birkin and sending him to you Laloki. ;)

  8. Are bogans welcome? If not, I shall take my bogandom elsewhere. :nuts:
  9. LOL, OK no worries, I will look after him well.
  10. Hi dallas, haven't seen you here in ages....bogans are most welcome, have you read through some of the posts in the old thread - most of us have no decorum!
  11. Good luck with your race this weekend Franks. Perhaps if you imagine the woman responsible for Paint Gate in front of you it'll help you along a little faster. Regardless of your placing you're a winner in my book. Heck my calf muscles ache just thinking about what you'll be putting yours through. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you and will be cheering from the (very distant) sideline (hundreds of kms away) and wishing you the best. You can doowit!!!
  12. OK, not technically in Australia, but born and raised there. Can I play?
  13. :welcome2: to the party dallas and KittyKat65. :party:
  14. Yes welcome KittyKat65 :smile:
  15. Thanks, ima.

    , I used to visit the other thread occasionally, but half the time I'd forget it existed. I tend to wander around aimlessly on tPF and I very often forget where I have posted my nonsense. :push:
Thread Status:
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