tPF Australia (Sydney) Meeting?

  1. I was woundering if and Fellow Aussie (Sydney-arians) would like to have a tPF meeting? they have been done all over the US and look like so much fun how about one for us? Post if you interested and when is best for you to see if we can work something out ;), it will be best for me in a months time or so (when i have holidays). Also i suggest we have it in the city, (and we can visit the boutiques afterwards) so somewhere Martin place? or the Rocks? what abotu the lint cafe or the pancake house? open to suggestions
  2. 0o0o0o fun, down under meeting!!! I wish i could come over, but I plan to go to Oz soon - don't know when.... hehehe!!! :wlae:
  3. I wish you could come too helen, i would love to meet u IRL!
  4. Sounds great. Depends which day of the week.....count me in. Somewhere close to the boutiques sounds great.
  5. Neat idea, it's good that someone mentioned a tPF meet up in Australia, but I'm in Melbourne unfortunately :sad:

    Good luck though w/ the meet up!
  6. Yay someones interested! my worst fear was that noone would want to come! I was thinking an midday/afternoon so we can have lunch and then afterwards spend it up big time lol! (the only problem is im broke!). we can do a late night shopping thursday? but the boutiques are open pretty late anyway and we are not going to be that long esp. if we meet at 12 or 1. so i think a saturday would be good so there are no work clashes?
  7. thanks MissL, there are quite a few melbourne-ites on tPF so oyu should concider a meeting also
  8. Saturday sounds great.
  9. pancake at the rocks.... arrg last time I was there the pancakes they served me were undercooked and their pizza tasted bland:yucky: I still dont know why they are famous (off topic) and they even have a branch at parra some where I think :confused1: but meeting at the rocks sounds fun--it is just walks away from the Opera house and DFS galleria... unfortunately I am not home in Sydney atm cause I follow my DH where ever he goes. I am just too clingy:sweatdrop:
  10. I think around the midcity centre so can shop on castlereagh st!! AND you have your david jones too!!
  11. oooh!! interesting!!! count me in! =)
  12. Awwww I hope you all enjoy. I only wish we could have a UK one
  13. im in Melbourne :sad:
    oh well ill just meet myself at LV and drool over the purses all on my lonesome :angel:
  14. I would'nt mind meeting up but I won't tempt fate by visiting any stores afterwards! (I'm very broke!)
  15. lol emmakins (but im exactly the same)
    i agree with Prada the castlereight st storeare bigger and better (expet for fendi, which is tiny anyway) the new burberry store should be open by now i havent been yet. and my fave Cafe (the lint cafe you know the swiss chocolate company is there, the prices are reasonable for the city.)