tPF APP thread

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  1. I just tried it on my Xs Max and verified that there is no image button. Hmm...
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  2. I will submit a ticket to the app provider, sorry for the inconvenience. My iPhone 8 Plus shows the image buttons just fine.
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  3. Thank you!

    Otherwise I like the larger format of the new app.
  4. I just learned from support that the Xs Max bug will be fixed in the next version of the app. Unsure when it will become available, should be hopefully soon though!
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  5. Anything about the iPad app issue?
  6. On which iPad is this issue occurring?
  7. IPad4, 256GB, iOS 12.0
  8. Good news. Thanks for following up.
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  9. Good news as I am having the same issues, looking forward to the update.
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  10. I see the forums. Subscribed and unread. What does timeline mean when using app?
  11. Also, I’m unable to unfollow certain categories. I keep getting notifications for categories I’m not interested in. I keep swiping and pressing unfollow but it’s not working. :sad:
  12. Hi guys
    It seems that the phone app is down, just get a blank page when I open it
  13. You can try to restart the app to see if this resolves it. Nothing on our end indicates that it may be down. Try that!
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  14. Thanks, will give it a try!
  15. Hi,

    Everytime I key in the words, it’ll show the search results, but when I click on those results, it’ll only take me to the second page from last on that thread. Not going to that message as usual. And When I click at the arrow on top right to go back to the search, it takes me out of that thread completely. It’s been going on like this for at least 2 days already.

    Please help!