tPF APP thread

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  1. I have the same issue... anyone can help us, please! :smile:

  2. @Vlad do you have any advice for users whose app keeps crashing? It happens every few minutes to me. Thanks
  3. I'm still crashing everyday as well..
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  4. Is this on iOS?
  5. No sir - Samsung Galaxy 8
  6. I noticed that you can see when people were last on the app. Is this new? And can I turn the function off??
  7. I’ve had same issue since app updated. I can’t see all sub folders. If I clear cache then exit and go back in they appear. Also I don’t get any notifications on app. Right now also not seeing recent photos posted which other members also experiencing and posted on another thread. Old version of app worked just fine. :sad:
  8. Same here (iOS for me)
  9. I can’t see pics as well. iOS for me too
  10. Samsung. App downloaded from the Play store. For example I was using the app for 10 minutes and it crashed 4 times. I log the fault most of the time but it has been months. Thanks.
    Progress very slow on a fix. Do you also give feedback when requested when it happens?
  11. I do. I send feedback most of the time. Thx
    Ps. Still happening every day.
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  12. Same. So frustrating because it loses your place in a thread and goes to the last post.
  13. Hi @Vlad do you have an update on the Samsung app issue? Many thanks!
  14. Are anyone else’s notifications stuck in 2017?

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled and am using the iPhone app.

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  15. Here's mine today. One from today which when opened I'm told I have no authority to see it, the rest from January 11th.. also I get thrown off the app several times per day.

    Ps: they only reappeared in the last few days, this feature had been completely empty for a long time.. Screenshot_20180327-162558.jpg
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