tPF APP thread

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  1. ‍♀️liking the fanciness of the new app look.. good job Vlad & Megs!

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  2. I just updated having problems. Can’t find Gucci clubhouse at all. Can’t figure out how to start a new thread? There doesn’t seem to be an option.

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  3. I don’t seem to be able to see the Louis Vuitton subforums in the new app. (ie Shopping, clubhouse, etc)

    When I check some of the other designers, I see them there.

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  4. Me either. I’ve posted in feedback threads about it. I updated app yesterday and clubhouses and shopping not shown in app in Lv or Gucci for me (the 2 I use most)

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  5. When you navigate to the Gucci sub, this is now what it looks like? Hmm...

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  6. What phone are you using? I am on an iPhone 7 and see the sub forums where they are supposed to be.
  7. I’m missing the top part. I just see announcement and stickies. No clubhouses or reference.

    I’m on iPhone 6. Not sure if it’s 6s or something like that.
  8. Very odd. I tried the app with my iPhone 6+ and it shows the subs correctly. Just to make sure, you are on the app with the new "blue" icon, not the gold version?

    What you can try is to go to the Settings and then under Advanced Options, tap Clear Cache. See if that helps!
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  9. Yeah!!!!!!! Clear Cache worked!!!! Thank you thank you! lol. How strange is that? I'm gonna guess the other poster with the same problem has the same phone as me.
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  10. Clear cache didn’t seem to work for me. The issue seems to be only on the designers I was Subscribed to before the update. Changing my subscriptions now doesn’t seem to change the issue. Hmmm

    So I can see them on Gucci, BV, etc, buy not LV

    IMG_7118.jpg IMG_7119.jpg IMG_7120.jpg

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  11. Wow, the new update is so pretty! Thank you!
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  12. Try this:

    Log out, then quit the app (double tap on home button, swipe up on the app) and restart it and log back in.
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  13. It looks wonderful, Vlad!
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  14. I have to keep clearing cache otherwise threads disappear. But at least I can see them. Still old app worked better for me.
  15. really love the new app, but will you also adjust it to the iphone x screen? :smile: