TPF and facebook

  1. I started a TPF group on facebook... :yahoo:
    if any member have facebook. it'd be awesome to see you there as well.. :heart:

    group name: The Purse Forum TPF
  2. Excuse my ignorance but can you please explain what facebook is?
  3. cool, I hardly go on facebook but lately I've been having trouble logging on.

    Suzie - it's suppose to be for college students, you have to provide a college email, but I think high school students can go on too now.
  4. Joined :biggrin: hope to see more and more people there ^^
  5. awesome! joined.
  6. cool i'll join! :yahoo:
  7. OK, too young for me..
  8. actually anyone can join facebook these days.. not just students.
  9. lol i love this!!
  10. :nuts: i have facebook!!! everyone in school has one these days :p
  11. lol. i have a facebook. when i decide to log on (aka, i never log on...)
    ill join!
  12. Ahh. I'd join but I like that no one I know offline (besides my BF) knows that I post here, haha. :angel:
  13. Did you ask Vlad's permission to use the name of his and Meg's Forum?
  14. Did you speak to Vlad or Megs about this.... your using their name.?
  15. ah awesome! i just joined like 2 or 3 days agooo!!!