tPF A Year In Review: Most Memorable Moments

Jan 23, 2006
What has been your most memorable moment on tPF ? whether it was meeting a member, making a purchase, or a thread that was either interesting, funny or outrageous ? Did you learn anything new ?

Happy New Year Everyone ! :heart:
All your (Prada'sMeadow) interesting and fun threads, Club Bagnshoo, Sandra (Yeuxhonnettes)'s glorious bag collection!, All the cute pics of Megs & Vlad, but mostly how welcome I feel here! Hooray for tPF!:yahoo:
Ha thanks Pip :heart:

Mine are, when we were invaded by trolls one day.....scary, but memorable
The Fur thread...... drama but great arguments. "Bagshoo is now open" is so funny !!

I also love looking at every ones Avatar's,(especially the ones with children) some have very funny captions, the ones I remember are Travel Bug's "what are you looking at" ? cant remember who as this caption "your just jealous" but those two and many more always make me laugh. ticklemethu made me laugh last week with her thread 30% off Mac, I love her responses to anything !

I also enjoy looking at members showcase's you all have wonderful taste.

Then of course the dedication of my fellow mods and the hospitality of our Host Vlad and Megs.:love:
Prada this is the NICEST thread EVER!!!!!! Totally touched :love:

This year has been crazy with tons of memorable moments!!! For me it would be some of the following:

- Having a seriously huge shocking growth on the forum; about 30,000 members in this past year!
- Adding an amazing group of moderators!!! We started with the global mods which are still here and amazing (met 2 of them too!!!!), and then the new group of mods that are a riot. All of our mods have become friends of mine
- Oh the Troll invasions!! One of the big ones took place while Vlad was skiing in the ALPS! We all scrambled to clean it up, not great, but like Prada said, memorable!
- tPF meeting in NYC! I got to meet with a few ladies on various occasions- such a blast!
- making friends on this board! I have made friends that I would seriously consider to be friends of mine, even if I have not met them
- The colonic thread- seriously disturbing but hilarious

So much more I will need to think of!! Just had to add some now because this thread is just GREAT!!! :love:
1)OH..The colonics pics shall invade my nightmares for years..ROFLMAO!!!!!
ok-I admit I posted the majority of the nasty pics..hee.hee
2)Troll invasion-finding out during one what a MILF was..LOL!
3)Going to Paris with Jillybean-whom I met thru the PF!!!
4) All the amazing and sweet friends I have personally met and/or become great friends with thru the PF(Jillybean,Doulos,Selena,MEGS(THE QUEEN!!),Coachwife, many!
5) Pradasmeadow-you kill me..I dont know how many times your PM's to me made me cry laughing.YOU ROCK!As do ALL THE MODS HERE!
Thanks to all the mods and PFers for a FAB forum.AND SPECIAL Thanks to Vlad and Megs...We loves ya!
I hope this isn't a dupe...the backup was going on while I was posting ;)

A few wonderful memories...

1. Finding this forum!
2. Vlad, Megs and the Mods - thanks for keepin' it real around here :graucho:
3. Club Bagnshoo
4. All the celeb posts
5. Spending thousands this year on tons o' bags and loving every second...losing my virginity to LV :drool: .
6. The Coach ladies who helped me find my TDF tote and broke me into eBay...successfully
7. All the wardrobe and shoe advice
8. Not reading the colonics thread...ewww, I won't even search.
9. Our Seattle tPF gathering...we'll do it again in 2007 soon! :love:

Happy New Year's to an even BETTER year next year :party:
Great thread! I remember

1. The troll invasion (especially the one on LV)
2. Our heated Star Jones conversations
3. Selena's famous thread (kneepads)
4. The growth of the sub-forums
5. Authentication and great finds
6. Great conversations
7. Deals and Steals is the best

Happy New Year everyone!
There were some fun times:
1. The girl who's Dad bought everything for her... I think the last thing was a Mercedes
2. The guy on the LV forum that claimed to be a doctor and hated LV
3. The breast feeding thead...oh my
Just have to mention:

Shushopn: your thread's " wish me luck i'm going to need it " and "i'm a chronic packer ! Help me" ! were simply hilarious

Printmodel: your post's make me laugh " Kimberly Stewart needs to pull her pants up " had me laughing for days !!

Curtism54:, Us mods miss you so much ! :rolleyes:

Ill be back with more!
1. Meeting new people on tPF.
2. Club Bagnshoo
3. That one girl that was mentioned, that lied about everything.
4. Celebtobe(something like that, they were a troll) who wanted to be a celebrity so bad, etc., I found it hilarious.
5. Finding this forum.
6. Learning so much more about LV and Hermès(which I am still learning.)
7. Reading all of the posts in the celeb thread(thanks Pradasmeadow!)
So many memories on here! Thanks Megs, Vlad, and mods! And here's to another very successful year!:drinkup:
OT: Just noticed these new smileys: :borg: :lol: Very cute!
Oh yes, how could I have forgotten the thread that WOULD NOT DIE...the Breast Feeding in Public thread. How many tangents did we go on with that one, eh??
First off, I just want to thank everyone at TPF - I've never joined any forum and this one is simply the best! Thanks to all who helped me authenticate LV items (especially John:smile:

My most memorable TPF moment of this year was I sold a Jimmy Choo bag to a person on ebay and we were exchanging e-mails about how much we like purses, when we both sent e-mails about the same time about how the other should check out TPF - truly a small (internet) world! And we had both joined in the same month and came from the same state!

Have a Happy New Year everyone:yahoo: