TPF 2 DAY LONDON Meet 26th of January 2008

  1. Sorry Im taking over I just wanted to get us started somewhere. I have put the date as the Saturday the 26th of jan because that will prepare us for it and its still within Jan for Jan sales.

    It will be based over two days, Saturday and Sunday and we will be covering ALL the shops. You can come for one day or two, But I would like there to be a good number of people for this or it wont be worth going, I know there are alot of us here from the UK and I will be unable to PM everyone. So please let your friends on Tpf know and I will do so too.

    Thanks !!

    Please let me know if you are coming
  2. Kaiie are you coming ?? I see you looking :p
  3. steve your turning into cilla black. trying to get everyone together.:flowers:
  4. I'm not saying no just yet but I think I prob will pass and save my money for The Pilgrimage
  5. I would love to if im in london, i will be leaving sometime around xmas and im not too sure when im coming back probably around the end of Jan. So if im here then i would love to participate.

    Thanks for getting this together, I was wondering what happened to the idea.
  6. Are SOs allowed?? I might be interested!
  7. This is what i'm thinking lol!

    I would come, but after january 15th, I'm not in the UK until the 31st.
  8. ah, wish i could be there. i'll be visiting uk first week of february for my daughter's school interviews. we'll be in cambridge, but if the timing is right, maybe i can go to london for an overnight trip. i will be in uk 1st feb- 9th feb.

    i miss bond street, south molton street, and selfridges =P

    i'd love to meet up with other tpf-er's
  9. maybe we can even just meet up to have lunch/tea and socialise? i don't think i need to buy anything, but i'd love to meet up, chat, and browse through the shops.
  10. i live in london and im' around! i can't afford to buy anything but tea sounds nice!
  11. Sorry I thought not many people were interested so I dont think this will go ahead. If the London girls still want to meet then by all means please do. :flowers:
  12. just a thought, we COULD make this later in the year and still go a head with a meet, if anyone is interested then please post :smile:
  13. Sorry it's not working out for you Socialite. Maybe later in the year I could make it to London (I love London, could easily live there) but not that January weekend.
  14. I know what you mean Roz, Its wrong time for me too because I thought no one was interested so I have not organized anything and will probably be doing something else that day.

    Hopefully we can all meet up later in the year, early Decemeber sounds good. But there is also the LV paris trip, I might see you there Roz :flowers:
  15. my schedule is very flexible. i just happened to stumble across this thread and it landed on my free weekend. but i'll try to remember to check back since weekend meetups aren't really that complex for me..just hop on the underground and go!