tPF 100 Years From Now...

  1. How do you imagine tPF 100 years from now...

    How many members would there be?
    How many posts would there be?
    Will there be a new Designer that people will be obsessed with?
    Will Lv still be popular?

    Sorry guys its late I am bored.... I think i am going crazy... :upsidedown::nuts:LOL
  2. Maybe there would be something more advanced than the internet..
  3. ^^Oh yes, definitely!
  4. No It's hard to imagine! I wish I could live that long to see..LOL
  5. In 100 years the Internet will hopefully have become a virtual reality environment.
    By that logic tPF is like a gigantic convention centre, with different sections/rooms for the different designers. Members use life-sized 3-D avatars and the bags are life-sized 3-D images as well. Which means other members can touch and try the bags on, so there'd be no need for modelling pictures etc.
    Maybe by that time all luxury brands have merged into one or two big luxury brand conglomerates.
  6. I seriously doubt it lmao!

    Internet will be bad news this time 100 years.
  7. I'll be dead and won't be around to enjoy it....
  8. LV will be popular for many many years lol.. they did 153 years and are still going strong :party:
  9. TPf will have taken over the world bought eBay and squashed counterfeits as well as buying all fashion houses and designers and have them work exclusively for us to our evey desire mwahahahah :devil:
  10. Ok, so I may be dead, but I'm making sure my ass is reincarnated.
  11. lol loves it! :p

    I personally think there will be a day when the PF dies out- there's always a cycle of trends and eventually bags won't be a popular thing to spend money on. Sure there will be long-time fans as there always has been, but not the average celeb-watcher who buys bags because they saw it on a star.

    Other than that I think some brands will still be around but others will dissapear due to changing trends (like Choo, Dior, Louboutin, and Marc Jacobs) and banalization (namely Coach, who IMO will eventually end up as JC Penney level license-happy brand).
  12. well by then everyone will be a walking computer.....

    geez I hope not lol
  13. he he we should all make a pact to meet here on a specific date & time 100 years from now just in case there is reincarnation LOL
    OMG what if I come back as a man, no handbags, a fate worse than death! My wife would be a lucky woman LOL!
  14. I'm planning on being reincarnated as a handbag, so carry me gently.
  15. I think most of the bag designer brands on here will be so popular that everyone will be able to afford one and have one, Hermes will be a little over the top and less people will have it because its VERY exclusive. There will also be more bag designers but VERY couture and special orders will be all the rage with members who can afford and want the hottest designer bags.

    We will not have the internet, instead we will have something different made by Apple and it will be a small divice which makes a screen anywhere and tPF will be like an online world and everyone avatar's will move and be able to enter different rooms.

    Old posts will all be deleted because there will be too many.