ToyWatch @ Gilt!

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  1. Toywatch mens and womens today (right now) @ Gilt

    I got one for $88 ! :yahoo:

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  2. really good deal!!! ive heard a lot of people have problems with toy watch though... (something about the band messing up..) is this true?
  3. Just got 2. One for DH and one for me! Good deal!
  4. I've had my white one for at least 6 months and wear it everyday, it's good as new! Maybe you ar referring to the transparent bands?
  5. can't log in for some reason... froze on me...
  6. Thanks for posting, I was able to get the purple rock candy watch for only $148!
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  8. I like the bling bling watches but not in the color I wanted... really debating whether to buy it or not...
  9. I got the one with the mother of pearl face for $150 including shipping :yahoo:
  10. thanks got one for me and my cousin been wanting one forever and I missed the last sale a few weeks ago
  11. Ok, I got the pink bling bling lol... Thanks!!! Oh the mother of pearl looks really nice!
  12. Sorry but what is Gilt?
  13. Thanks! picked up 2 bronze skull watches! awesome deal.
    see the stickied thread at the top of deals and steals for how to join.
  15. if you guys google toywatches, these things have a lot of problems. i think they're adorable but even with the discount i don't think they're worth it. you might want to research before you buy :smile: