Toying with the idea of a 2.55 bag...

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  1. Hi there,
    I am thinking that my collection is not complete without this classic
    (:graucho: like my collection will ever be complete)
    I like big bags and carry alot of stuff but I am only 5'2" and around 110...I am thinking about the 227 (large?) or the 228 (jumbo?). This would be a day bag for me. with my lifestyle, I rarely am anywhere that I need an evening bag. Even when I go out to dinner, I carry a big bag. Some of you have seen my collection posted....what do you think would be a good size for me?
  2. I would go w/ the 228 if you want a good everyday bag... JMO..

    what color were you thinking about??
  3. I think you are right on size. I am thinking about the black with the silver (it was gold last year but silver this year, right?) Japs, do you know what colors are available? I will be shocked if you don't!!;)
  4. haha - I don't know about the jumbo - but I am finding out in the morning - all of this talk has gotten me excited... I'm sure they are coming out w/ the black, gold, and navy (I don't know about the other colors: copper, light silver, and dark silver) - I will confirm tomorrow and get back to you!!