Toy Watch?

  1. Has anyone Toy Watches in person? They look really cute online. (From

    Toy Watch USA
    Contemporary timepieces with must-have acrylic straps.
    Shown clockwise from top:
    • Sport Chrono Watch: From the Sport Chrono Collection. Stainless steel bezel with Arabic numerals. Red dial with white subdials. 40mm.
    • Crystal Watch: From the Crystal Collection. Black dial with date window. 38mm.
    • Mother-of-Pearl Chrono Watch: From the Mother-of-Pearl Chrono Collection. White mother-of-pearl dial with sub dials and clear rhinestone markers. 40mm.

    All, clear acrylic bracelet. Citizen movement. Screw-down crown. Water-resistant to 3 ATM. Unisex style. Designed in Italy. Imported.

  2. they look like rolex knock offs
  3. Very much a fad...quick trend.
  4. yeah i have one
  5. they're cute. some even have rhinestones/crystals and mother-of-pearl face.

    certainly just a fad, like technomarine.
  6. They're cute, but nothing "amazing"--if you want a fun watch, it's a good way to go.
  7. I have 2 of these watches. However, i found that on one of my watches, one of the decorative white dot on the face of the watch dropped off a while back and couldn't find it. I email their customer support a few times and received no replies..

    All I can say is, people .. if you wanna buy a Toywatch, you can forget about their customer service if you are in need of repairs.. :crybaby:
  8. there are some on sale right now at Nordstroms, on the website also :smile:
  9. are they plastic? they're not extremely cheap neither, for that price you can get a "real" watch heh
  10. I have the Invicta Anatomic with I carat diamonds. Swiss Made. Can get them nowas cheap as Toy Watch. Good value, because the strap is special polymer that won't crack. Water resistance to 330. They also have come out in opaque.
  11. I had one last of the plastic links broke....I returned it.
    For the price, I would not recommend it.
  12. My friend has one... she took it out of her purse to show me and seemed ticked that I didn't know what it was. She was saying how they are one of Oprah's favorite things.. etc..... but I do not care for them. Aren't they plastic? I'd much rather find a cheapie men's Fossil if you want the big face look....
  13. Hi starbucksqueen, never thought I'll find you here!!! Can you show me modeling pics of your Invicta Anatomic?? Thanks in adv!!
  14. I had $200 IN Saks GC's last year and bought the white plasteramic as a test to see if I would like the 38mm J12 (I am real pale and didn't know if I could wear a white watch).

    Anywho - The watch is cute, but it is pretty cheapy - and it is pricey for being plastic and cheapy. I know the rubber band ones are pretty popular for trendy watches - I would steer clear of the plasteramic ones, they just look cheap/and they are so lightweight they don't move right on the wrist (I have a black J12 so the weight issue was a problem for me with the plastic watch).

    One plus, it was easy to remove links from.
  15. Hi all,
    Did you have Toywatch yet?There was very good luck for those who still haven't got it.That was really bad experience for me to buy this watch last time.I think for this was my 1st also the last i buy this watch.I won't buy this watch anymore.
    I wore this watch only 2week time,the crystal was drop & i can't imagine this could happen on a world famous brand watch.I send back for warranty,i was so surprise they don't have the accessories to fix my watch & ask me to wait for 3 week...OMG! And now,i already wait for around 1 an half month,my watch still haven't done yet.Cause they are waiting for the accessories (only 1 crystal stone) they need to wait so long.
    I tried to complain to their Manager who incharge the branches,but too bad they never give any feedback to me...At last,i've no choice i make my complain at customerservice@usa also nobody repply.
    I just feel i lost my watch...I was so disappointed with service & the warranty they provide.
    Anyway my advice here for those who plan to buy this brand of watch,better think twice...