Toy recommendations for a 2 1/2 yr old boy?

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  1. Hi everyone! I need a gift for a boy who is 2 1/2. Any recs for an interesting toy? TIA!
  2. Geotrax, Disney cars geotrax or Thomas the train tracks
  3. Duplo Lego set
  4. Thomas the Train... Still SO big with little boys

    or shake n Go car sets with tracks... My whole family likes to play with those even after he moves on lol
  5. Thanks for the recommendations! I will check out all these toys and will maybe get him a combination of 2 things. Thanks again for the help! :tup:
  6. Geotrax all the way. Thomas the train is great too but they are soo expensive.
  7. All of the above plus mine loves Handy Manny and anything Toy Story.
  8. Mine loved Thomas, but if he has some already it'll be hard not to get him duplicates of what he already has.
  9. Should I get an electronic/learning toy along with one of the toys mentioned above?
  10. I found electronic learning toys to be fairly useless with my DS (now 8 yrs old). He was and still is more interested in objects he can move around. He still plays with his Tonka dump truck that he got when he was little. The Tonka's are nice because they are almost indestructible and they come with a lifetime warranty.

    A small soccer ball would be good too.

    Others have suggested the Thomas the Train, little boys really love those. You can also get the Toys R Us brand Imaginarium with the wooden track that costs 1/2 of a Thomas set. The Thomas train cars will fit on the Imaginarium wooden track too.
  11. What about Vtech Tole & Go Laptop Plus?
  12. Those bikes so cool! Budget is $200, but I want to get an outfit in addition to the toys.

  13. At that age my son loved Toy Story! Maybe the movie Toy Story 1, a few toys and an outfit? Legos and blocks are always good. My son loved Leap Frog- he had a couple of toys that helped teach letters and play games. I bought those same toys for my nephews and they also liked it. It helps to go online (like and read the reviews on certain toys. Good luck with your purchase.

    BTW::: We bought (and spent a lot of $) on Thomas the Train tracks and trains for his 3rd b-day and he only played with it for a couple of weeks :huh:. I'm hoping my next son loves Thomas the Train so I can feel we got our money