Toy LouLou vs. Gucci

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  1. I interested in an everyday crossbody bag with leather strap and this Saint Laurent Toy LouLou caught my eye. Does anyone own this lovely bag and can give me some feedback? It is between the LouLou or the Gucci Marmont matelassé shoulder bag. Was also considering the Gucci Disco because of its roominess. So torn between these choices!
  2. I own both Gucci Disco and YSL Loulou toy bag.

    Here is my review of Loulou

    And comparison with Gucci Disco
  3. Thank you for sharing your review. Both are lovely bag in their own way. I agree with your pros and cons and maybe the best solution is to own both!
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  4. I am trying to decide exactly between these 2 bags!! But want to get day and night wear. Would the ysl be just as good for day time wear? It looks beautiful.. x
  5. Both can be used for day and night time. YSl Loulou has silver hardware and it is not so flashy and can be used during daytime as casual crossbody bag.
  6. I watched your videos. Very informative! I like both the bags but YSL Loulou Toy is definitely my choice! I'm trying to get it in the same pale pink colour, I ❤️️ it! Your vid inspired me so much! Thank you
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  7. I think YSL is more understated, I considered the Gucci at one point but decided they are a little too common in my area and the logo is very overpowering. I much prefer the design of the YSL option
  8. I now own both since starting the thread and still love both! I got the soho in emerald. Truthfully, I would not have gotten the Gucci if I have not found the emerald color. As you mentioned, there were too many of the nude and black soho around. I got the LouLou in black. It looks classic and edgy at the same time and goes from day to night perfectly.
  9. I love my toy lou lou but to be honest, it doesn’t fit a lot in it but just the bare essentials. If space is a necessity for you, I’d suggest you get the Gucci!
  10. Considering the Mini marmont camera bag (not the Disco) vs. the Toy Loulou. Which one would hold more?
  11. How long is the strap of the Toy LouLou? I'm 5'8" and most straps are too short for me.
  12. The strap that it comes with is proably a tad too short for you, but if you really love the bag you could always get another strap or chain? I am going to buy this chain here which apparently looks like YSL :smile: