Toy lou lou Gold vs Silver hardware

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  1. Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone's help with my other thread question, I have narrowed down my purse search to buy a toy lou lou. Not i just need to decide on ghw vs. silver and would love your thoughts! I feel like the silver is more "edgy laid back", but the gold may go with more items, like I could wear it with nude tones as well? I think i like the silver better, but feel like the gold may be more versatile...?sorry for the size differences, guess that's just the way the images uploaded! shw.jpg ghw.jpg
  2. I always debate with myself about silver versus gold hardware, but strangely enough find it easy to offer my opinion to others! If you like the silver better, I think you should go with the silver. I don't think with this particular bag you could go wrong with either. And I think the more more versatile choice is the one you like better because you will reach for it more. I'm super excited to see which one you pick out either way because you'll love it and get a lot of wear out of either hardware options!
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  3. I would suggest the gold because that is the one I have and I think it looks better. I love gold hardware on black.
  4. Get the one you love more, which is the silver. I don't really pay attention to the tones of my clothes going with the hardware of my bag. I pay more attention to whether the hardware matches my jewelry and the hardware on my shoes.
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  5. 00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181224153546738_COVER.jpg
    I've used my loulou like a casual bag and I love it in silver!
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  6. I think Saint Laurent looks better in silver hw, and Chanel in gold hw.