Town and Country

  1. okay I'm not sure if this has been previously posted. I read Town and Country and I love looking at the pictures in the party section of the people at parties in different localse. To date, the Palm beach section of parties usually has SOMEONE who is carrying in Hermes bag (typically a kelly). So the June 2006 issue did not let me down. In the Palm Beach section, starting around page 42 there are THREE kelly bags. There is one in the photograph with libby Fitzgerald and Jill Roosevelt on pafe 42. It looks like it might be a 32 and it looks like it might be the rich gold color favored on so many birkins I have seen on here.

    Then on page 44 there is one being held by Barbara Bancroft who is standing next to Pauline PItt. I can't see the kelly well enough to determine the exact leather, but it looks like it is black in color.

    Then, the best one of all in my opinion is the kelly being held by Monique Merrill at the bottom of the page. It is a tiny kelly and looks like it is croccodile. May be alligator. But it is such a beautiful bag.

    Just wanted to let you know about the eye candy. Maybe I can scan it later and post it. I don't know if my scanner is working right now.
  2. Please do post pics if you can! I've been meaning to get an issue of T&C but haven't gotten around to it. Hope the June issue is still available...
  3. OOOH - please try to scan some pics! I don't get the mag but would love to see the Kellys!
  4. Ooh! I would love to see them...please scan them if you get a chance!
  5. That can probably explain why the Hermes in Palm Beach is about the most "bone dry" when it comes to any bags. I sure hope when they move to their new store they will have some merchandise to look at...even if it is not for sale or on hold for someone else.